Groped Before Her Switching

From The Memoirs of Dolly Morton, as found in the archives at Bondage Blog:

Miss Dean flinched convulsively, uttered a startled cry , then looked round with an expression of disgust on her face. Eyes flashing she exclaimed:

‘How dare you touch me there! Take your hand away! Just whip me and let me go!’

She writhed and twisted in anguish but Stevens kept his hand in the cleft of her thighs , saying with a coarse laugh:

‘She’s a woman sure enough, boys! I got my hand right on her hairy slit!’

Then he said to the outraged woman:

‘My hand won’t hurt you. But if you make any more complainin’ you’ll find something bigger and harder between your legs! Now I’ll get on and flog you right away and its my guess you’ll soon be begging for something else instead!’

He withdrew his hand and Miss Dean ceased to struggle, her head drooped once more and she lay silently awaiting her shameful punishment.

Stevens raised the switch and flicked it about, so as to make it hiss through the air, then he brought it down with considerable force across the upper part of her bottom; the tough hickory spray making a sharp crack as it struck the firm flesh which quivered involuntarily under the stinging stroke.

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