Anonymous Punishment

I’m not sure what these three wives did to earn collective punishment, but it must have been something pretty awesome and horrible. Otherwise, how did they wind up like this? Which is to say, naked, in a row, on the living room floor, asses in the air, with brown paper bags over their heads “for modesty”?

Meanwhile, their husbands are trimming hickory switches and conferring quietly. “Mutter mumble mutter 75 each? No grumble mutter 120 at least mutter mumble grumble…”

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  1. RC commented on November 6th, 2010:

    The fun part comes later, with the furious indignation of the women when they learn that each of them has been spanked by the wrong husband. It was deliberate, of course, but the guys claim not to have known better, what with the paper bags hiding their identity.

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