Ludwig And The Cattle Prod

Ludwig, who blogs at Rohrstock-Palast and seems to have volunteered for (or maybe it’s “seems to have been drafted for”; it looks like she called him first, not that he’s complaining or anything) the singularly difficult duty of serving as Niki Flynn’s European boy-toy when she’s on the continent making movies (he talks about their first meeting here), recently made us all a video. But I found the back-story at least as entertaining as the video. Can you believe Niki “accidentally” shocked him with a cattle prod? Here’s Ludwig with the tale:

In this newest morality tale, we learn what happens to naughty girls who zap people with cattle prods. Remember, they are for cattle, not for human beings. And especially not for tops.

We filmed the clip in the summer, when Niki (along with Amelia-Jane Rutherford aka Ariel Anderssen) came to Germany to work with SM-Circus and Loge Cologne…. It was pretty funny, actually. While the crew are getting ready for the shoot and the rest of us are waiting around, I suddenly hear Niki’s voice behind me: “Hold still.” I turn my head around and see her touching my right leg with a pole of some sort. I look down at the device with polite, befuddled curiosity. One and a half seconds later, before I can even begin to wonder what it is, I feel a searing jolt of electricity and jump three feet in the air. After I land and get my wits together, I stare at Niki, and she looks back at me with an expression, it must be said in fairness, that seems like genuine surprise and embarassment. “Oh!” she says, wide-eyed. “Is it charged…?”

It was, and it produced quite an impressive shock, even through the jeans. Nasty little tool. Later, one of the guys gave Ariel a demonstration jolt on bare skin. She let out a blood-curdling shriek and collapsed to the floor, where she stayed for about a minute. Ariel subsequently declined to have the prod used on her during the Loge Cologne shoot. Niki declined to even submit to a one-off demonstration (wimp).

She did submit to a spanking and caning courtesy of yours truly the next morning at the hotel, though. After all, that little episode with the cattle prod deserved a proper response. All things considered, I think Niki got off pretty lightly [Spanking Blog editorial note: I think so too!] with a quick OTK spanking and a dozen moderate strokes of the cane (13, actually). But she had already been abused non-stop the previous day, so I felt uncharacteristically lenient. [Spanking Blog editorial note again: You big old softie!]

Even so, I managed to spring a minor “shock tactic” of my own on her. Quite unintended, too. I simply ordered Niki to strip off for the finale and, honestly, I didn’t expect her to be much inconvenienced by it. I mean, she had been naked for most of the previous day’s shoot. But this morning, she was utterly unprepared for it and made her objections loudly known. I like how she says “No!” six different times in six different tones of voice, from surprised to indignant to defiant. Didn’t help her much, but it sure is fun to listen to.

It’s a beautiful moment, I think, because it was neither planned nor acted… Niki’s vocal “I’m not doing this!” reaction is absolutely real. Which, of course, left me no other choice but to insist all the more. Had she calmly said “Look, I don’t really feel like getting naked this morning, can we please do it another way…?”, I might have relented. But open, foot-stamping refusal is a challenge that cannot be ignored.

Ludwig’s blog, which I don’t remember linking to previously, is also a good source of detailed and useful-looking spanking site reviews.

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  1. Adele Haze commented on January 7th, 2009:

    All girls luurrrve Ludwig. He’s so cute when he insists he’s a top, and it’s such fun to tease him.

  2. SpankBoss commented on January 7th, 2009:

    I did notice that he both caned and was caned by Niki on their first meeting, and his penchant for numbers told an interesting story; at that point he’d been the recipient of the cane more times than the wielder thereof, which is an interesting situation for a top to be in.

  3. Drifter commented on January 9th, 2009:

    Ludwig and Nikki Flynn are so cute together.

  4. Ludwig commented on January 11th, 2009:

    SpankBoss: Thanks for the post, it was a fun video to make and I’m glad that you apparently liked it. Even though, as I said myself, Niki got off pretty lightly. We were both a bit knackered that morning after the previous day’s shoot, where I had already caned her (somewhat harder), and the hotel room clip was just about having a laugh, obviously, not about edgy, intense play. I fully intend to increase the severity by a few levels when Niki and I meet for our next project… *grins*

    Regarding the “interesting story” of my development, yes, I suppose it is a bit unusual. I always knew that I am a top, because my fantasies always went very dominantly in that direction. However, there were some fantasies about the other side, too, and there was a definite curiosity to try it out. When the time came when I decided that I no longer wanted to only watch videos and read spanking fiction, that I wanted to take the plunge and finally find out how it feels like to act out these tantalising fantasies, there was never a doubt in my mind that I was going to start with the bottom side – just as there was no question for me that I am really a top (interestingly, the vast majority of us know our natures by instinct before we ever make any practical experience, so that part of it seems to be “inborn”, too), there was also no question that I wanted to have some experiences as the bottom before I proceed to the top, to “my” side. It just seemed the obvious, the “natural” way.

    There were two reasons for this, one of them practical and rational, the other more abstract and emotionally driven. The practical reason was simply that I wanted to know what it feels like to be spanked, and what the various instruments feel like, before using them on someone else. I wanted to have a good insight into how the bottom side is like, both the physical sensations and the psychology of it, so that I can use that insight as a top and have a better understanding of what I’m doing there to the victim. I still believe that, for this practical reason alone, this is a very good route for budding tops – if you have any interest in switching at all, you should actually start with the bottom side, with the “other side” rather than “yours”. It will provide you with an invaluable insight that you simply can’t get any other way, and besides, it’s all the more wicked, sadistic fun to thrash someone when you know exactly what it feels like!

  5. Ludwig commented on January 11th, 2009:

    (And no, it’s not enough to take two, three “sample strokes” with a cane, whip or paddle for this – you really have to take a full beating to “get” what it’s like)

    The other, more emotionally driven or idealistic reason if you can call it that, was the feeling that I was following the “proper” ritual, the proper path of the initiate by getting thrashed first, then thrashing others. It’s like any other cult or secret society (I’ve always enjoyed thinking about our kinky community in these terms): before you become a priest and a propagator of the teachings, you need to be initiated yourself, you need to be baptised and you need to learn. It is the natural order of things – first student, then master. I simply wouldn’t have felt “entitled” to live out my sadistic fantasies and cane the living daylights out of someone unless I had been through the same ordeal myself first.

    This aspect, a notion of “entitlement” or “returning the favour”, is an interesting one and remains one of the main reasons why I still switch every once in a while today. I seem not to be alone with this kind of thinking. I have a female penpal, for instance, who has a similar outlook. In a way, she is a mirror image of me – she is also a switch, but she is the bottom most of the time, and she tops once in a while. She says that she does not get the urge to top all that often, but when she does, it is always with someone who has topped her before, and who is really a top – that is the kind of dynamic where she suddenly enjoys swirching / topping, and where she can actually get rather sadistic. It’s all about “revenge”, really, and about a temporary role reversal.

    Interestingly, I feel exactly the same way about switching, only “in the other direction”. I don’t have the desire to get thrashed very often – once, maybe twice per year. But when I do get it, and when I act it out, it’s always with someone I’ve topped, and always with someone who really is a bottom. Again, a large part of the motivation and of the interest is role reversal and “returning the favour”. I would feel selfish, and quite lame, if I was indulging in my sadistic impulses and victimising girls all the time without ever being willing to give her the same gift, at least once, should she have a sadistic streak of her own and should she be interested in it.

  6. Ludwig commented on January 12th, 2009:

    So when I first met Niki, for instance, we played and I caned her, and when she asked me afterwards if I was up for reversing the roles, of course I said yes – it was the courteous thing to do, and more importantly, I was curious to see her as a top, anyway. This, switching within such a short space of time, is not something I normally do, mind you – I find it more psychologically interesting to separate the two a bit more and to have more “buildup”. But Niki and I didn’t know when we would see each other again, so we made the best use of the opportunity, obviously.

    Note that this “returning the favour” is very different from “getting even”. It’s not at all necessary, nor is it desirable, for both of us to be “even”. Niki is a bottom who switches once in a while, I’m a top who switches once in a while, these are our natures. Consequently, she has topped me only twice so far (once the first time we met, and then the “Comeuppance” video), while I have topped her… hm, let me think… sixteen times, I believe. I forget! Anyway, I’m comfortably “ahead” in the topping department, which reflects our natures and what makes us happy. Still, the fact that there is switching and an occasional role reversal adds another interesting aspect to our friendship and to the exploration of both our kinky fantasies.

    It’s true that back when I first met Niki, I had more experiences as a bottom than as a top. Which is simply a reflection of the fact that I was just starting out back then, and like I wrote above, I had started out with the bottom side, wanting to be “initiated” first. So I had gone to a number of pro dommes by that time and tried out various spanking implements. These weren’t “dominant” / “submissive” scenes, there was no role-playing involved. It was all about the practical, physical experience: “Okay, I’d like to get whipped with that one…”

    During the fifth and final of these visits, I wanted to really push my limits as a bottom, so I travelled all the way to Hamburg to visit a lady who had a reputation of being absolutely masterful with the cane, and frighteningly severe. That reputatin was justified – it was a Lupus / Mood kind of thrashing, full-arm, full-force. I went home with broken skin all over, bleeding quite a bit, and faint marks were still visible some ten months later. It was excruciating, and at the same time a great and invaluable experience. I finally felt properly initiated after that day. And then, I started topping…

  7. Ludwig commented on January 12th, 2009:

    Oh, and lest I forget: Adele, honey, let’s just get together sometime this year like we talked about, hmm? So that, in between the pleasant geeky conversations, this cute cane-wielder here can do a bit of top-insisting. Let’s see how cheeky you are then…

  8. SpankBoss commented on January 12th, 2009:

    Ludwig, thanks for those comments!

    I know some tops like to sneer at switches and switching, while others consider it an absolutely essential part of their eduction in the scene — I promise I wasn’t trying to take a side in that fight. I’m in the “I love the double standard” camp myself — my cane is for Bethie’s bottom and if I never feel it, that’s fine with me. But it’s not a position I’m trying to defend, it’s just how I am. No, all I was trying to do was join in on the evident teasing that Adele was doing — a tricky thing to try with blog-friends and strangers you’ve never met.

    So anyway, I hope you didn’t feel you had to justify yourself! I do appreciate the comments — it’s always fun to read about how and why other people do the kinky things we all enjoy — but I’m sorry if my comment came across as judgmental.

  9. Ludwig commented on January 12th, 2009:

    No, I didn’t take offense at your comment at all. It didn’t seem negative or judgmental to me, just an expression of curiosity, and so I addressed that curiosity. My comments weren’t intended as a “justification” of any kind, they simply give a bit of background about me for those who are interested, that’s all. Because it probably is unusual for a top to start out the way I did, choosing to make some experiences on the bottom side first, and maybe people find the whys and the hows of that interesting.

    As for switching or not switching, that is strictly a matter of personal preference and personal choice, at the end of the day. There is no “right” or “wrong” here. Personally, I found switching, and actually starting out on the bottom side, to be an essential part of my development. And I still think that the experience can be very valuable for any beginning top, especially if you’re a severity freak. Not because it makes you more merciful – on the contrary, I’ve found that switching and taking some pretty severe thrashings myself has eliminated any inhibitions I might have had against really dishing it out hard. But simply because you can appreciate what it feels like and understand the headspace much better.

    But I’m not saying that the experience is absolutely necessary, or that this is how everyone ought to do it. It helped me, it might help others, but it’s not the one true way. Like I said, it all depends on personal preference and what works for you as an individual.

    I know there are some tops who sneer at switching. From what I can gather, the idea seems to be that it diminishes (or at least endangers) your authority as a top. I find this view preposterous, frankly – my answer to it is that, if you are so insecure about yourself and about your status as a top that you are afraid to lose it simply by switching and getting thrashed once in a while, well, then you probably weren’t a very good top to begin with. Whatever happened to making your own decisions and just doing what you want, instead of worrying about what others might think of you?

    In any case, I see no reason to take people who hold that view seriously, much less to defend myself. And no, I didn’t believe that your comment was coming from that direction – trust me, I’m well accustomed to teasing, what with all the brats who comment on my blog. Like Adele, they are welcome to tease, of course. As long as they are prepared to deal with the eventual and inevitable consequences.

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