Spanking Niki Flynn

Looks like Niki Flynn got a spanking at home awhile back, for … I guess you could call it a failure of memory:

I couldn’t find my online banking information last night and we kept trying to guess my password to log in. (You’re not supposed to write it down, so how the hell do they expect you to remember it???)

After much unsuccessful searching and stressing, we had to admit defeat and HH said he was going to smack my bottom. (!!!) I stamped my feet and regressed, whining that I didn’t WANT to be smacked, that it wasn’t FAIR, that he was MEAN… But you know where that gets you. **pout**

So he made me take down my panties (white cotton with pretty girly butterflies) and he hauled me across his lap. Scolded me like a very little girl and then spanked me very hard and for a very long time. I kicked and yelped and flung my hands behind, but he said I needed to learn to be more organised. (Hmph – should see HIS desk!)

Afterwards he held me and let me cry a little and then put cocoa butter on my sore cheeks. Mmmm… chocolatey! My bottom was very sore when I went to bed last night and it still hurts a little this morning. But I do feel loved.

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