Spanked By A Prizefighter

Although I’ve never worn a boxing glove myself, I’ve got champion prize fighters in my family tree, if you go far enough back in history. So I grew up hearing the story that a boxer dare not throw a punch in a bar, lest he be charged with “assault with a deadly weapon”.

Thus, I imagine a spanking from a prizefighter would probably sting a little bit, even if he keeps his gloves on.

The following three photos, clipped from an old sports magazine, prove, if nothing else, that ringside shenanigans were not invented by professional wrestling. In fact, this gag is probably every bit as ancient as the basic idea of guys hitting each other for entertainment. First, distract Our Hero with a pretty girl:

boxer spars with pretty blonde

Then, let him find out the hard way that the referee is not neutral:

boxer conked by referee

Finally, wait for him to wake up and extract some high-quality spanking vengeance on the aforementioned pretty girl:

hairy boxer gives otk spanking to pretty blonde girl

I’m not sure a guy is supposed to make this comment, but ain’t he a deliciously hairy brute?

  1. Daisy commented on January 31st, 2009:

    Where is this from? It’s adorable! :)

  2. Emily H. commented on February 1st, 2009:

    Oh my, he is deliciously hairy.

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