Punishing The Twins

The twins are always skinny dipping in the pool when their folks are out. Sandi and Sammi know they’ll get a whipping, but just this once, they get careless. They’re blonde, what can they do?

They can get caught:

blonde twin sisters get caught skinnydipping

“Gosh, are we in trouble?”

blonde sisters get a poolside whipping for swimming naked without permission


punished blonde twins crying as they are whipped by the edge of the swimming pool

“Ouch,” said Sandi. “Ouch!” said Sammi. “Ouch, ouch.”

punished blonde twins crying and yelling

This sunny spanking tableaux has been brought to you by the ruthless whipmiesters at Whipped Women.

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  1. A.S.S. commented on October 15th, 2008:

    Spanking, a pool… and twins… sounds pretty good!

    Todd and Suzy

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