A Solid Breast Spanking

For those of you who think tender boobies don’t get enough loving breast spanking attention from all the fun leather toys out there, this picture from Whipped Women (sister site to Pain Gate) ought to help:

woman getting a hard breast spanking with a riding crop

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  1. cutiepie commented on June 29th, 2006:

    *owwwwwwww* I know breast spankings hurt,but they can be alot of fun and pleasure if done with care,time and thought.I have hadquite a few but usually with a hand.

    love your blog,keep up the spanking good work.


  2. small tited commented on July 12th, 2006:

    I have been breast whipped like this. Mostly cause I need to be punished cause my tits do not satify my masters taste or hunger. These being small like mine. There are moments where I get to satify my master with these scenes.

    Another good way to punish a pet with small tits like mine is with public humilation. He is very pleased with me when he can show men my shame of the size of my tits. Once, we were riding the bus. We were the only ones on the bus and he had me show the bus driver my tits. I am directed not to wear a bra, I had to unbutton my shirt for the driver and then I was commanded to present them to him so I had to turn towards him and raise my tits up towards him. I was then ordered to appologize for my tits and I did. My love then gave me permission to button up. For my shame, I was paddled nicely that evening. I was directed to get into a doggy stance. He tended to my breasts and they pleased him with each swat, of the paddle, hitting my breasts from underneath.

  3. estelle commented on July 16th, 2006:

    You lucky lucky thing! Your master sounds great. My tiny breasts have yet to have received such punishment, although previous spanking masters have ordered me to go pantie-less. One ex-boyfriend once made me sit with my legs spread wide, showing my pussy off to all around. i got serious punishment for that, but think my breasts would have appreciated some attention too!
    Enjoy your spanking!

  4. Maxine commented on May 2nd, 2011:

    My husband has punished my small tits since before we were married. Clothespins are so painfully numbing followed by ice. I must then lay on my back place his penis between my tits and use my hands until I receive my pearl necklace or facial. He then makes me clean him with my mouth while being titslapped.

  5. dony commented on January 6th, 2014:

    I hope my husband would spank me hard for some hours…fucking my mouth at the same time… dirty talking to me..and..more slapping on my tits..while my ex bf is watching.. I have asked him..and he may do that to me

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