A Whipping In The Sun

Note:I’ve been busy, so you’re getting another one of these lost-but-now-found Pain Gate posts, along with more commentary about whipping that’s getting a little stale because I’ve said the same thing several times lately, but hadn’t when I first wrote this.

Although I like to tease Bethie by musing about buying a whip, and I might actually buy one someday to advance the game a notch, I don’t otherwise post a lot of whipping content here. Mostly, that’s because serious whipping tends to be part of a set of BDSM games that use different symbols and stroke different fetishes from the spanking and domestic discipline memes that energize my core readership. But that’s only true up to a point; many of us are polymorphously perverse, and find at least some enjoyment in scenes and accounts of kinky behavior that’s diverse from what we actually do. (Yes, I know that some spankos are strict one-fetishers and grow uncomfortable when I mix it up with other fetishes or — horrors! — refer to spanking as kinky or perverted. Putting this as nicely as I can: learn to deal.)

Anyway, one reason I like these severe whipping scenes from Pain Gate is because I’m mildly jealous of their freedom to play outdoors under the open sunshine. Wherever they are located, they’ve got climate and privacy both working for them, enough to lead this bondage cutie on a forced march down her very own personal trail of tears:

naked girl in bondage getting whipped with long snake whip

cuffed nude woman on whip-enforced march in the sunshine

woman getting whipped in the sunshine

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  1. Bondage Blog » Blog Archive » Bondage Cuffs And A Snake Whip commented on January 5th, 2006:

    […] Found this cute whipping pic over on Spanking Blog: […]

  2. jessica commented on January 5th, 2006:

    The outdoor location is just wonderful! I seem to recall seeing more of these pictures on Paingate, with a ranch house and a small corral in the background. What fantasies a setting like that can suggest!

  3. PaulH commented on February 5th, 2007:

    I did have a short video clip of this whipping but accidentally erased it. Damn. Whipping isn’t really my thing either, but the thing about this site is that they do have some incredibly beautiful women who can take some incredible amounts of pain and degradation and Shirley here scores highly on both counts. “You wouldn’t treat a horse like this” the caption accompanying the above shoot declared and being led around cuffed at the wrists stark naked in the middle of the day whilst being mercilessly flogged with a buggy whip hardly seems like a suitable way to treat a lady. Still Shirley keeps coming back for more…

  4. Scot commented on September 14th, 2009:

    The previous poster commented: “. . . being led around cuffed at the wrists stark naked in the middle of the day whilst being mercilessly flogged with a buggy whip hardly seems like a suitable way to treat a lady.”

    Yes — that’s what makes it so delighfully degrading! It would be even better if her hands were tied behind her back. And her body ought to be shining with sweat.

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