Taking Down Her Panties

This schoolgirl punishment picture is almost too wonderful. It’s like a perfect image from fantasy, something you’d expect to see in one of those brightly-colored Japanese anime porn computer games, rather than being composed on a film set using human models. Taking down her panties with the hand holding the cane is a very nice visual touch:

schoolgirl about to get a panties-down bedroom caning

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  1. AJB commented on November 17th, 2006:

    I disagree. As a man, (recognising that women reading your site may imagine disciplining other women) I find very little eroticism in a woman rather than a man baring a bottom for spanking or caning.

    A man taking a girl’s panties down carries with it the clear association of the girl having a very hot bottom soon, and then the implied or sometimes explicit suggestion as to what she is going to have to do afterwards to satisfy his big, throbbing cock.

    That is why I spank women. It is about sex really. “Girl on girl” does nothing for me. I happily accept that others have different predilictions.


  2. John commented on November 17th, 2006:

    I agree with AJB, up to a point….yes, adult spanking is all about sex. Well, duh, what else would it be about?? But this 100% straight man finds “girl on girl” to be very HOT!

    Excellent post, SB!!

  3. SpankBoss commented on November 17th, 2006:

    AJB, fair enough; I prefer the male/female spanking material myself. But lots of folks seem to like F/f, and I do greatly like this image.

    Frankly, in this image the spanker is in just a little corner of the picture, my internal camera had no trouble disregarding gender while viewing.

  4. Nomenclator commented on November 17th, 2006:

    Well, yes, I prefer M/f too, but in just about all other ways this photo is very attractive indeed.

  5. TTE commented on November 18th, 2006:

    Another side to the spanking story. It is NOT all about sex! I am a female disciplined by a female and would have it no other way. To me a man beating on a woman is just wrong in every sense. I realise that most couples do this for erotica and until this moment I have respected that but it really burned me up to read that anyone could think that is the only reason for it. There are many varying degrees in this fetish and fetish it is folks and it would be nice to have others respect that some of us do this as discipline and not just to get off.

  6. lynn commented on November 18th, 2006:

    welll i tend to disagree with the fact that spankings are for sex only! when my Master spanks/paddles me it has nothing to do with Sex! it is for punishment ………… neither Him nor i get anything sexual out of it…

    maybe for some……… but this girl does not enjoy spankings :)

    although it is a turn on to watch SOMEONE else get spanked………….hehehe

    glad i found your site :)


  7. SpankBoss commented on November 18th, 2006:

    Settle down, people. This is an ancient argument, and it almost always leads to flaming. So far you’re mostly being good — let’s keep it that way, shall we?

    John and TTE — you’re the reasons I had to say “mostly”. John, look to the other comments here for other things spankings could be about. TTE, on the one hand you’re asking for respect for your corner of the fetish, but on the other you’re condemning the rest of the fetish when you say “a man beating on a woman is just wrong in every sense.” I appreciate that you prefaced that with “to me”, but it’s still disrespectful, inflammatory, and puzzling in light of your own plea for respect.

    Lots of people do spanking as foreplay. Other people do it for other reasons. This blog has a bias toward sexual spankings — see the word “erotic” in the subtitle — because spanking a woman is erotic to me. When I see a woman getting spanked, it’s an erotic image to me no matter what the motives of the parties involved.

    Folks who claim to be spanking each other for reasons having nothing to do with sex or eroticism are a little puzzling to me, but I know they are out there and I respect them. (I’ll admit I’m a little confused to find them reading an erotic spanking blog, but hey, whatever.) I am in the camp that thinks some of those people protest too much; there very definitely are people who come up with elaborate non-sexual spanking rationalizations so they don’t need to admit, even to themselves, that they’ve got a sexual fetish. Rationalizing fetishes away is something people are good at. But so, too, are we good at doing similar things for very different reasons; and I’ve seen discipline blogs discussing spankings that did indeed seem to be devoid of any sexual charge or intent. It’s all good.

    For purposes of this comment thread, please keep using language like “this is how it is for me” and keep avoiding blanket statements that belittle or condemn or exclude folks who are wired differently. And try to keep it friendly. Thank you!

  8. Eric Carwardine commented on November 26th, 2006:

    G’day, folks;

    I think some of the conflict arises because “sex” is almost always interpreted to mean the physical act of copulation. It may be helpful to regard both copulation and spanking as a combination of submission and domination. And it’s probably wise to regard submission as the most important element. Insisting that you “have cane, will use” may bring your corporal career to an abrupt halt – in jail.

    Is there any evidence to support this idea? A woman who goes by the name of “Leilani” once ran a small Yahoogroup called “The Spanking Planet”. It was an outlet for corporal fiction. But one of the most significant things to appear on it was a truth – “For me [Leilani] the act of submission is the erotic key.”

    Key to what? For some it may be the pleasurable sensation of an increased heartbeat rate. For some it may be the onset of some form of hypnotic trance, possibly induced by humans ability to empathise. For some – probably most – it may be the more “classical” symptoms of sexual arousal. Just what door that key will unlock can be quite unpredictable.

    In my own “career” this key has been quite important. I make and supply rattan canes. On several occasions, as an “after-sales” service, I’ve been asked to “deal with” a couple. Now this can be a very tricky assignment. Get it wrong and I’d have the male accusing me of “going for” his female partner while ignoring his needs. They wouldn’t be returning to me to buy more canes. Then realisation dawned. The scenes I was doing had really nothing to do with botty-whacking. Well, they did, but the whacking was a mere technicality. Yes, it had to be done proficiently, but it was still just a technicality, an act of work – a four-letter word, to be avoided where undesirable.

    It is having a man or a woman stand in front of me and, devoid of any giggly facetiousness, say they did wrong and are ready to be punished that sends me into orbit. Their gender is totally irrelevant. Their words have taken me back aeons in time, to the very dawning of evolution, when living was nothing but submission and domination.

    When it comes time for my departure there often are two bangs. The second bang is the door closing after me. Some people just aren’t content with the first lock they stick their key into :-)

    Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia

  9. Mari commented on May 23rd, 2010:

    I don’t know if anyone still reads this post or not, but I like it a lot and I wanted to add some comments. These are just my opinions, but I am not trying to denigrate anyone who feels differently. I just love being spanked, but I’m not into seeing others being spanked, regardless of which gender is spanking or receiving. No offense to those who do. For me, being spanked is definitely about sex. It is such a turn on for me when the man is in control of things in the bedroom. I prefer being spanked with my panties on, but with them off is fine, too. I like it with my panties on because the first whack is usually a surprise. You don’t get the early warning sign of feeling your panties being pulled down before you get the first smack on the bottom. And I really prefer getting a hand spanking. I like the feeling of the man’s firm hand coming down on me because it reminds me of how strong and powerful he is. Of course it hurts more with a strap or a paddle, but it should. It’s just a rush for me knowing that a man has the strength to keep me in my place with nothing more than his bare hands alone (assuming he has a good firm hand and knows how to deliver a good smack to the bottom – luckily mine does).

    The other part of the spanking process I like a lot is when he pulls my panties down or all the way off. My bf will take my panties off for a few reasons, two of which are for more spanking or right before he penetrates me. The rush I get when I feel his hands grabbing my panties and then feeling them as they move down my legs is like no other. I know he means business and it’s time for me to be a good girl and take my punishment or provide him whatever form of pleasure he wants from me.

    If anyone is reading this, especially those who like males spanking females, please tell me what are the various aspects of m/f spankings that the men enjoy. I would like to try to find ways to make spanking me more enjoyable for my bf.

  10. fogmeister commented on June 5th, 2011:

    I’m not one to construct detailed “letters to the editor”, which is ironic in that my career is with the US Snail Mail Service. Consequently, my existence is tied up with printed communications, and I’ve neglected to learn to deal with digital technology. But I’m trying.

    Richard, your post about first time spanko experiences touched me profoundly. Something reverberated deep within my inner core when you mentioned the feeling of frustration, and even the doubt of one’s relative sanity because spanko tendencies almost seem aberrant behavior (from one POV).

    Adolescence and young adulthood were uneasy times for me, questioning the nature of my sexuality. That is, until I discovered a publishing marvel at the local prairie adult bookstore. Janus magazine released a Spanking Special issue that became a “must have” addition to my private library. Needless to say I was very relieved to see my innermost fantasies offered for public consumption. “I’m not so perverted after all!”, I thought with vindication. “Apparently I’m a demographic!”

    That exposure to the “English vice” anchored if not cemented my interest in spanko lifestyle. I have nothing but admiration for the British tradition of corporal punishment. And Richard, I envy you for your hobnobbing with all those gorgeous spanking models! In my mind you Limeys have spanking down to a science; there’s a style and ritual to it. I’ll never forget my first schoolgirl…We Yanks aim to build tradition, too.

    Solidarity, man

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