Spanking By Helmut Newton?

This photo was sent to me by a reader (Thanks, Rob!) who believes it to be the work of famous fashion photographer Helmut Newton. The look seems right to me, but I can’t confirm it. Anybody?

notional helmut newton spanking photo

Update: A comment by Jack that didn’t make it through moderation due to some issues with link formatting provides a page that seems to confirm the Helmut Newton provenance of this photo. Thanks, Jack!

  1. Michael commented on November 18th, 2006:

    It’s definitely Helmut Newton. See the following link (the page takes a long time to load, since it contains over 100 images):

  2. Freeasair commented on November 18th, 2006:

    Certainly looks like Helmut Newton, renowned fashion AND erotic photographer. This subject matter is entirely within his range although one might expect the model(s) to be less clad than they delightfully are. I would love to say definitively and from memory, that the one on the left is Karen Edelwieger, for who could forget those thighs and the curve of the bottom, but I have to admit I would be fantasising (very contentedly). Thanks for the image; there is something beautifully refined and restrained about black and white.

  3. Doc commented on November 19th, 2006:

    It does look like one. I have actually just discovered this photographer’s genius through my father. He also has a series of very suggestive photos where women are holding riding crops. There is also one with a woman bent over and all we can see is her bottom and her panties down around her knees.

  4. Fox commented on November 19th, 2006:

    Lovely picture, the spanker is like mesmerized by the view of the spankee’s cute bum. I agree with Freeasair, there is something really beautiful about black and white. Dreams and fantasies can be,sometimes, colour-blind , the colour of the best memories.

  5. miss brown eyes commented on October 30th, 2009:

    Definitely Helmut’s work. Most of his erotic (non-fashion) photography is fashioned after the story “The Training of O” which this image almost perfectly depicts a scene from the story.

  6. suchasmack commented on April 15th, 2010:

    mbe must mean ‘Story of O.’ Newton was dead long before they dreamed up ‘The Training . . .’ videos. I’ve never gotten any heat from Newton’s “erotica.” The models are too blank, too cool for what they’re posed performing. The sexiest picture the man ever took was the iconic shot of Charlotte Rampling sitting nude on a table drinking a glass of water. And most of the charge in that shot is in her eyes, her incredibly slinky suggestive eyes: all the kink you could ever hope for!

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