Whip-Happy Pirates

Being captured by scurvy pirates is never a fun scene for pretty young ladies, but these pirates are more whip-happy than most. It’s probably a bit over-confident for Our Heroine not to take seriously her captor’s admonition to “shake that cute dimpled butt!” Don’t forget to click the panels to see them full-sized:

pretty pirate captive fails to apprehend what her whipping is going to be like

pirates whipping three gagged captives with a leather strap

From Pirates by Lesbi K. Leih. (A Dofantasy comic.)

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No Backtalk!

Backtalking your mistress? They do not like it when you do that on Planet Valtron:


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Drug Gang Prisoner, Pussy Whipped

It’s suspension and a pussy whipping for this unfortunate prisoner of the notorious Drug Lord Migel Diaz:


Panels are from a Dofantasy comic.

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Evidence Of Foreplay

Even a sadist can be a gentleman; it’s just that his notions of foreplay are different. Take this fellow, for instance: he’s clearly put some effort into warming up his lady, as the criss-crossed whip welts on her thighs show:


Artist is unknown, although the lettering style makes me wonder if it is not one of the Dofantasy artists.

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Ass Tanning: The Unsexy Promise

OK, so this is arguably the least sexy way to promise a woman a spanking:


Art is a detail from a Dofantasy comic called Slave Caravan, by Templeton. Via the Dofantasy tumblr.

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Harem Punished

Sometimes new inductees into the Shah’s harem don’t appreciate their great good fortune. When they balk at their new duties, they have to be reminded that there are always worse things that can happen:

harem slave caned after unsatisfactory bondage blowjob

From the Dofantasy comic Beauty Queens In Harem, via Bondage Blog.

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A Hard Bondage Paddling

There’s a certain cruel genius at work here, with the powerful vibrator tightly tied to her as he wields the leather paddle:

hard bondage spanking with slut-imprint stencil leather paddle

If you look closely at the marks on her bottom, you can see that he must be using one of those “slut” stencil paddles with the cutaway surface that lets you write on a bottom with spanking marks.

Panels are from the Dofantasy comic Confiscated Twins 5 by Fernando.

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Pussy Whipped And Pleading

So on the Dofantasy tumblr I saw a couple of badly-cropped panels from a comic-book treatment of a pussy whipping. Of course I had to track down the rest of the page, which turns out to be from Star Fuckers 2 by Dofantasy artist Gary Roberts:

she begs and pleads as her pussy is whipped without mercy /></a></p>
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