Harem Punished

Sometimes new inductees into the Shah’s harem don’t appreciate their great good fortune. When they balk at their new duties, they have to be reminded that there are always worse things that can happen:

harem slave caned after unsatisfactory bondage blowjob

From the Dofantasy comic Beauty Queens In Harem, via Bondage Blog.

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A Hard Bondage Paddling

There’s a certain cruel genius at work here, with the powerful vibrator tightly tied to her as he wields the leather paddle:

hard bondage spanking with slut-imprint stencil leather paddle

If you look closely at the marks on her bottom, you can see that he must be using one of those “slut” stencil paddles with the cutaway surface that lets you write on a bottom with spanking marks.

Panels are from the Dofantasy comic Confiscated Twins 5 by Fernando.

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Pussy Whipped And Pleading

So on the Dofantasy tumblr I saw a couple of badly-cropped panels from a comic-book treatment of a pussy whipping. Of course I had to track down the rest of the page, which turns out to be from Star Fuckers 2 by Dofantasy artist Gary Roberts:

she begs and pleads as her pussy is whipped without mercy /></a></p>
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Tina’s Painful Initiation

When you get sent to carelessly-run reform schools for spoiled rich girls, the initiations by the other students can get painfully brutal.

a painful and humiliating sexual initiation, with paddle spankings

spanked during her bondage initiation

I’ve seen a lot of ruler paddles, but never one with the leather-wrapped handle, like a sword hilt. I wonder just how much use that paddle gets?

The art is from the Dofantasy comic Dark Cabin by Gary Roberts.

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Belt-Whipping Payback

In Payback’s A Bitch from Dofantasy, our cute blonde heroine finds herself bound in a basement at the mercy of a sadistic couple:

belt whipped by sadistic lesbian

he whips her pussy and fills his...spunkbags?

Fills his…what? Or rather, uh, yeah; but surely there’s a nicer way to express that fond sentiment?

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Paddling A Captured Coastie

In the Dofantasy sex comic Missing Coast Guard, a gang of white slavers is roaming the waves and in time they get their hands on a pretty Coast Guard member who has been investigating them. When she courageously kicks one of their slave-buying customers in the ‘nads (you can seeing him on the floor clutching himself at right in the first picture), they bust out with a big wooden paddle to remonstrate with her:

hard paddle spanking for kidnapped Coast Guard woman

more spanking punishment for captured Coast Guard woman

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Whipping Punishment For Virgin Warriors

Virgin warriors, it turns out, offend the patriarchy. And the patriarchy has whips:

whipped virgin warror woman

punished virgin warrior woman

From the Dofantasy comic Chinese Warlord’s Sex Slaves: Public Punishment.

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Spanked And Getting Sucked On Shark Island

Much has been written about the potential folly of spanking a girl while she has her mouth near your important personal areas. Rumors abound of the well-trained submissive who can be trusted to fellate a fellow properly while she’s getting her ass beaten, but the potential for mishap or misbehavior nonetheless looms.

Of course, if you’ve got more than one slave, suddenly the problem reduces to a simple solution set. Just set one of them to sucking while you beat the other one!

spanking one slave girl while getting sucked by another one

Heck, they could even take turns … and in the natural order and progression of things, they probably will.

Panel is from the Dofantasy comic Slave Girls Of Dead Shark Island.

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