Hotel Eden From Dofantasy: A Review

From time to time I have been posting bits of artwork from the bdsm comixs published by They have a wide variety of artists, some of whom I really really like; and being European, they are quite seriously over-the-top when it comes to their BDSM.

guest whipping at hostel eden comixxx cover from do fantasy

This is not, however, an unalloyed virtue; some of the text in these comics is stunningly unerotic (perhaps there are translation issues) compared to the art it sits beside, and of course none of these titles is drawn or written with spankos primarily in mind. So it occurred to me that I ought to do a more detailed review of one of the comics — good features and bad alike — so that when I post spank-happy snippets in future, you’ll have a better idea of the context it’s coming from. But please bear in mind, Dofantasy publishes hundreds of titles by many different artists, and the range of style and content is extreme. This is not “seen one, seen ‘em all” territory.

The title I chose for review is Hotel Eden aka Hostel Eden. This artwork is your picture-worth-1000-words summary in a nutshell:

bondage girls as hotel luggage

The plot? Simple as such things go. Eva and Maria, two lusciously-drawn lesbian tourists, have a reservation at a poorly-chosen back-street Mexican hotel. Little do they know it is a hive of scum and villainy and druglord slave sex orgies.

So. They check in. They get a room. Eva, the blonde, jumps in the shower, where she luxuriates and calls out to Maria all the sexy things she wants to do to her. Meanwhile, Maria is getting jumped and tied up by a thug room invader:

gagged guest at hotel eden

Back to Eva in the shower. The shower curtain pulls back, and it’s bad news. Generally this is not what you want to find, suddenly, in your shower with you:

naked man with handcuffs in her shower

Predictably enough Eva gets grabbed, handcuffed to the shower head, and there’s a bondage sex scene. Then to advance the plot, she breaks the plumbing off the wall, bashes her abductor in the head, goes screaming out of her room looking for help…

And, well, it’s out of the frying pan, into the fire.

First she runs downstairs to find the manager. He’s sitting in a room full of monitors, watching sex slaves being boinked in bondage in every room. Eva’s wet, naked, and handcuffed; he takes predictable advantage of the situation, while explaining to her just how unfortunate a situation it is. Then he turns her back over to the thug whose shower fun she interrupted. He reunites her with Maria, and some chairs and some rope, and a riding crop. We now rejoin the broadcast already in progress. She begs nicely: “Oh, please don’t hurt us…”

bondage girls menaced in hotel eden

But if you click that panel for a view large enough to read the villain’s dialog, you’ll see where the wheels start to fall off the bus. This for me is the great weakness of the Dofantasy comics. He says:

Damn! Look at those tits and that juicy piss box… I can do anything I want, bitch. And what I want… is to see you squirm. See you writhe in pain. My very own painslut…that’ll be your life!


OK, OK. So the painslut talk and the bitch and the writhing, that’s fairly standard BDSM stuff and lots of people like that kind of play. Not my style, but whatever. But, ah, er, “juicy piss box” as synonym for pussy?

I’m throwing a bad sex writing / bad dialog penalty flag on that play.

Moving rapidly along…

There follow several nicely drawn scenes of bondage fellatio (Eva) and breast bondage (Maria), after which for reasons unclear Eva gets a combination gag and mop put in her mouth and is forced onto the floor to clean up the mess that’s been made. Here, again, the visuals are a spanko’s dream, but if you click for the large version you’ll see that the dialog has what my third-grade teacher used to call “room for improvement”:

riding crop spanking for eva

There follows some kidnap plot line (Eva, it turns out, is not exclusively lesbian; she gets a call on her cell phone from a boyfriend and her captors force her to break up with him and tell him she’s staying in Mexico) and some creative dungeon bondage complete with inventive bondage sex machines. Eventually Eva escapes (painfully) from all the iron clamps and clips that hold her, giving her the chance to run from room to room and see all of the other creatively-bound sex slaves. Looking for a way out, she eventually stumbles on what appears to be a cross between a rave party and a BDSM orgy, with captured women playing all the submissive roles the Marquis de Sade could have ever imagined.

Of course she gets grabbed again, and for the final scenes of the comic, she’s trussed to a St. Andrews Cross for a very public, very naked, very painful whipping, drawn in elaborate detail across more than 20 panels, of which this is just one:

Eva gets a public whipping

Caption: “Eva’s body floats on a sea of pain. The leather pounds her relentlessly, leaving burning strips of red-hot agony across her tender white flesh…”

Overall, my conclusion and recommendation is to pick these comics by their covers, which tend to offer a fairly good idea of the artist’s visual style. Then, count on ignoring the text and enjoying the rich visuals. Be extra careful if you’re turned off by rough treatment of cartoon women; in most cases these pixels get pretty raw handling.

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caned in the harem

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