Forced To Paddle, And She Loves It!

This is the timeless tale of a blonde who is forced to paddle her sister in servitude, only to discover how much spanking someone turns her on. It’s from Prison Horror Story 9 by Predondo, from Dofantasy:

blonde is forced to paddle her sister slave in a bondage pillory

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The Slash Of The Whip

These whipping panels are from Backyard Garden II, which is a Dofantasy comic:

whipped on her pussy

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Belt-Spanking Woodsmen

She got lost on a hike and the woodsmen in the cabin she found have a very rough notion of entertainment. They believe in taking their fun where they find it — and they found her! If she needs a little bit of “leather belt persuasion” to play along, well, that’s fun too:

pussy spanking for a woman who got lost in the woods

woodsman give a belt spanking to their reluctant play partner

she reluctantly agrees to strip for them after her humiliating spanking

Panels are from a Dofantasy comic called The Woodsmen.

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Spanking For Beginners

Dofantasy comics are usually pretty harsh, but Bondage Blog found one that opens with a sweet couple working page-by-page through their copy of BDSM for Beginners. Spanking and paddling for the first time, isn’t that cute?

spanking and paddling for beginners

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Whipped Woman Is “Willing To Cooperate”

You bet she’s willing to cooperate! Before this whipping is over, she’ll no doubt be ready to cooperate with just about anything:

whipped blonde is ready to cooperate

Whipping art is by Zerns, probably for Dofantasy.

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Begging For Belt Spanking

She must be a good girl — no matter how hard you spank her, she begs for more!

zerns belt spanking

Artist is Zerns, from a Dofantasy comic.

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Golden Harem Girl Whip Training

Even in the finest harems, with golden fetters and adornments, it’s not all silk pillows and bonbons. Sometimes the whip comes out and the blowjob training has to get done:

blonde harem girl in gold chains getting whipped as she practices her oral sex skills on a dildo

Artwork is from Harem 2018 by Cagri — a Dofantasy comic.

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