Whipping Through Her Riding Tights

I don’t have the upbringing to properly name the fancy riding tights this girl is wearing, but I’m aware of a sort of micro-fetish around the idea of whipping the clothes right off a girl, by whipping so severely that tightly-stretched fabric begins to fail. That’s what’s going on here in this vintage illustration by Carlo:

woman on horseback having her tights whipped clean through with a dressage whip

I’ve had a small version of this illo forever, but not until Chross linked to Heart and Soul’s huge version did I have one with enough detail to be useful. Don’t forget to click the illustration to see it better!

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  1. Sue commented on December 6th, 2010:

    The fancy riding tights/leggings are Jodhpurs. There’s a variety of spellings as it’s the English representation of an Indian city in Rajastan where they originated.
    That’s a very hot pic!

  2. SpankBoss commented on December 6th, 2010:

    Ah, I’ve seen that word in many a bit of English lit, but never had a concept in my head for what it meant except “some kind of riding clothes” because of which paragraph it appeared in. Thanks!

    (You mention “variety of spellings” — I swear I’ve seen this word southern-Americanized as “jod-hoppers”, too.)

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