A Waitress Gets Caned

Here’s a sordid tale of a waitress who really needs her job, and a grumpy boss who knows it:

He turned and stepped back. He had positioned the chair just next to the entrance to the room, so had plenty of space to swing the dreaded rod. He placed it gently across the centre of her buttocks – lining it up on her – and tapped it gently. She could hardly bear this: she wanted to jump up and run away – but she knew that whatever he did, it couldn’t be worse than the alternatives.

She shut her eyes. She felt a rush of air as Hogan whisked the cane down across her backside.

At first, she felt nothing – the blow numbed her. But then – but then. It felt as if someone was branding her – the pain scorched through her whole body like nothing she had ever felt before. She held onto the chair legs desperately.

Again, he brought the stick down. Another blow – just above the first. And again, a few seconds later, the agony, spreading across her backside and through her.

He paused. Stepped back, then delivered another cracking stroke, below the other two. She gasped with pain. This was unbearable.

“You aren’t counting, girl.”

“Sorry – sorry. That’s three.”

From “Emma’s Punishment“.

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