“Would You Like Welts With That?”

La Maison de Sade sounds like a fun BDSM theme restaurant:

I am a waitress at Le Maison de Sade.

What are you laughing at, monkey boy? Don’t make your dominant waitress angry or I might have to spank you!

My uniform is a standard-issue, bondage-style outfit. It beats the heck out of polyester. It’s all part of the hierarchy. I am a dominatrix, the bus boys are slaves (they wear signs with self-deprecating labels like “dirt”) and the bar staff are masters and mistresses. My duties are to order food and drinks and talk to the customers. I don’t spank someone unless they ask for it.

Most people expect the guests at the restaurant to be hardcore S&M fans, but there is a good mix. We have an ad in one of the tourist magazines distributed to hotels, so we get a lot of curious Chucks and Dorothies fresh from the farm in Iowa. They look around at people decked out in leather, customers eating in high chairs, and lots of spanking chaos. They see the evening floor show, a display of our featured events like erotic foot worshipping, spanking of the slave and public humiliation. For the first few seconds they have a sort of slack-jawed reaction.

But once the initial shock wears off, they really start getting into it. They are buying spankings for their wives, and their wives are buying public humiliations for their husbands. Dorothy represses in the back of her mind all those times back in Iowa when Chuck should have done the dishes, and there is a big beaming smile on her face when the waitress says to him, “You bastard! You are so ugly you deserve a spanking!”

Even better is when there are two couples that come in. You know that they have come on this trip together and collectively this is the weirdest shit that they have ever seen. It’s not quite embarrassment, but there is this definite “who’s going to crack first” feeling. They don’t want to be the first one to break down and enjoy it, but inevitably someone has to cave in. It seems like a green light for everyone else to let down their guard.

Spankings are infectious. People look around and see everyone is doing it, and they just have to join in. Before you know it, they’re buying spankings like they are going out of style.

Some very normal people come in. There are those who are coming in as a part of a large group. And there are also the regular practitioners of S&M who come in. It’s a comfort zone for them, almost like the local sports bar would be to a Knicks fan. These people feel that they have a public place to relax in. They know that they are not going to be judged. Once we had a couple who sat at the bar, not sticking out, just sitting. Then the man pulled the woman across his lap; he proceeded to spank her nonstop for over an hour. He just sat there, administering slow, even blows to her butt, and sipping at his martini.

Sounds like fun for the whole family!

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