Spanked In The Sauna

Y’all know that static menacing poses of lesbian dommes are not my favorite genre of spanking image. Still, it must be admitted that Amarna Miller and Kirsten Price are cute together in Hot Euro Chick Punished, which is a remastered Whipped Ass shoot from Kink Prime:

otk lesbian hand spanking in a gorgeous wooden sauna spa

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Kept After Class For Reeducation

She went to a consciousness-raising meeting run by the local womyn’s collective, which meets every Thursday in a classroom at the high school. Apparently she said some things that were ideologically unacceptable, so they asked her to stay after class for “a friendly chat.” She found out that their actual approach to reeducation was more hands-on and direct than she ever imagined!

nipple caning and pussy spanking in her local lesbian communist cell

Photo is from an old Whipped Ass shoot.

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Well Whipped BBS Ass

I’ve made previous references to spanking porn that circulated in the dial-up BBS era. This example, obviously, was on the Hedonism BBS in 1993. Almost certainly it was scanned from a magazine, but I have no idea which one:

well whipped ass

Four Punished Girls

Two things I would like to know about this scenario. First, why have the girls on the right been punished so harshly, and the girls on the left, barely if at all?

four women lined up on the punishment bench

And second, what implement did this? Some sort of looped lash, I believe, but perhaps over the top of a good strapping. It’s unclear:

two severely whipped asses

Photos are from Her First Punishment.

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Whipping Ashley Lane

For some kinds of whippings, everybody involves just knows it’s going to go better with a lot of secure bondage. This is one of those:

securely tied down for 
 a long and painful whipping

Photo is from Whipped Ass shoot (this one) at Kink Unlimited.

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Ball-Gagged Ass Beating

This is one of those moments when you can just tell that Ana Foxxx’s deeply-set ball gag is preventing a considerable outburst of screaming and utterly unwise cursing at Helena Locke, the blonde woman swinging that vicious implement of pain:

caning or paddling Ana Foxxx until she's trying to scream through a tight ball gag

From One Tough Slut: Pushing Ana Foxxx To The Edge, via Whipped Ass (a Kink Unlimited channel).

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Kinky Sorority Study Break

Spanking Blog officially approves of all sororities, for the simple reason that their mere existence has fueled generations of kinky fantasies about the corporal punishment shenanigans in those obvious hotbeds of nubile lesbianism. The truth of the matter is irrelevant! I don’t care if they all sit around in sweats eating tofu veggie casserole, that’s not how it goes down in my mind’s eye…

In Study Break from Whipped Ass, these two hot sisters at a sorority for black women were supposed to be hunkered down for a night of hitting the books.

black women sorority sisters studying on a bed

Suddenly, the studious ladies were overcome by an unexpected surge of lesbian lust. Doesn’t that happen every Thursday night? Anyway, it turns out that books were not what got hit the most that night:

sorority sister flogging foreplay

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