Four Punished Girls

Two things I would like to know about this scenario. First, why have the girls on the right been punished so harshly, and the girls on the left, barely if at all?

four women lined up on the punishment bench

And second, what implement did this? Some sort of looped lash, I believe, but perhaps over the top of a good strapping. It’s unclear:

two severely whipped asses

Photos are from Her First Punishment.

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  1. Joe commented on September 22nd, 2022:

    It’s apparently supposed to be some sort of sports school, and the girls are there for poor performance in various events. They do a number of physical activities jogging around and lifting each other with the man giving them some encouragement. When they move on to the whipping it’s not clear if it’s for the previous performance or one shown in the film, but one girl is singled out to be whipped by the others. They use a folded over jump rope, the kind with the thin rubber or leather cord. They are told that if the strokes are too light they will also be whipped, and one of the girls does whip her, but then the man says he needs to take over. Perhaps the 2nd girl is responsible for the him having to take over the punishment? It’s subtitled and I didn’t watch it straight through so I may have missed something.

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Bondage Ass Beatings Movie:

Detention House 3: Severely Punished Delinquent Girls

before and after brutal caning photo
"...and then the spanking starts. Brutal, totally uncompromising. You have never heard screams and shrieks as terrible as these..."