Spanking For Lesbian Dominance

The Whipped Ass site has sometimes not quite lived up to its promising name in the eyes of many spanking fetishists. There’s a crew of spankos for whom it’s got to be M/f spanking or nothing; the lesbian focus just isn’t what they’re looking for. But even those of us who quite enjoy watching a good F/f spanking have sometimes complained that the Whipped Ass spankings can seem half-hearted. Fortunately, this varies; and lately, it’s seemed to me that the “serious spanking” factor has been ramped up quite nicely.

By way of illustration, consider the most recent Whipped Ass photoshoot. It features two college girls home for vacation, who are taking the downtime to enjoy each other and a little bit of kinky fun, complete with playful sexy spanking time:

college lesbians spanking each other in the bedroom

Unfortunately, they get “caught” by one of their mothers. And boy, does she have a reaction that we spankos can appreciate:

mom gives her co-ed daughter a hard OTK spanking after catching her in bed with one of her college friends

It turns out (because this is porn world where the rules are different) that she’s not really punishing her daughter with this spanking. Nope, she’s just establishing her lesbian dominance so that she can can horn in on the fun, her way (which means, lots of rope and a strap-on dildo). But her lesbian dominance, it turns out, takes a lot of establishing. Fortunately, she has a huge wooden paddle that can surely do the job:

mother shows her college-aged daughter the huge wooden paddle she\'s about to get spanked with

big wooden paddle spanking

huge wooden spanking paddle

My favorite thing about this photoshoot is that it nicely illustrates the old spanko adage: “When in doubt, use a bigger paddle!”

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