Spanking And Caning Allie Haze

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Allie Haze. Is she not the very picture of a girl who knows she’s soon to be spanked?

Allie Haze showing off her spank me panties

As, indeed, she is. But — this being a photoshoot for Sex And Submission — first she has to be tied up and have her panties removed by wild bears:

Allie Haze in rope bondage with her cute white panties shredded off her bottom

Well, maybe not bears. Actually, it was Mark Davis — who is at least as dangerous to a toothsome girl as bears would be. But he’s probably a lot more fun, right?

Anyway, according to the shoot information inside the Sex and Submission members area:

Allie Haze is as cute as a button and enjoys BDSM but doesn’t like to obey. She gives Mark Davis a hard time by not following orders and finds herself getting a lot of punishment.

And so the spanking begins:

Allie Haze getting a hard hand spanking from Mark Davis

Mark’s not the sort to content himself with a bit of hand spanking, though. It’s not long before he gets a cane and pauses to have a short conversation with our cute miscreant:

lecturing Allie Haze before her bondage caning

Then he puts a gag in her mouth and lets his cane do all the talking:

Allie Haze gagged and caned hard

Of course it’s not long before she’s ready to thank him properly for the lesson in behavior.

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A Spanking From The Prison Doctor

It turns out that Mark Davis makes a very convincing sadistic prison doctor. And the unsupervised prison infirmary makes a pretty fine dungeon for spankings and bondage sex, especially when the prisoners are as pretty as Sheena Shaw and are delivered to you already in handcuffs:

Menacing prison doctor bends over a helpless handcuffed female inmate and tells her about the spanking and \"intimate exam\" she\'s about to get

A good hard spanking is just the way to let a pretty inmate know how their “medical exam” is going to be conducted today:

Sheenah Shaw as a helpless female inmate getting spanked by the prison doctor

This is going to be an extra-fun exam, because see that look on her face? She’s enjoying this!

pretty female inmate is smiling as the brutal prison doctor gives her a hard spanking

The doctor is pleased. So pleased, in fact, that he allows her a bit of a special reward

Pictures are from this shoot at Sex and Submission.

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Spanking Candy Manson

You have to admit that Candy Manson always suffers beautifully when Mark Davis gets his hands on her:

Candy Manson getting her big boobs spanked

Leather paddle spanking for Candy Manson

Images are from this shoot at Sex And Submission.

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Savannah West Spanked Some More

I was looking at this post again, the one with photos from the Sex and Submission shoot in which Savannah West plays a naughty schoolgirl caught cheating by Mark Davis. And I just could not resist. I had to go looking to see if there were more spanking photos in that shoot.

I was not disappointed. It’s a good shoot with a lot of yummy photos.

I’m still on the first (of four) pages of pictures, and already I found these:

cheating schoolgirl is about to be spanked

cheating schoolgirl bent over and spanked hard
< Sometimes it pays to be a bad girl, eh? Here's my rule where spankings are concerned: once the man has taken his pants off, the punishment phase is likely to be pretty much over! cheating schoolgirl bent over, tied up, and about to be buttfucked

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The Best Spanking Raunch

It’s time, again, for a list of raunchy spanking pictures from Sex And Submission. By now you know the drill: if the direct link does not work, retry it a few times (usually works) or hit the source link:

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Trinity Post, Paddled Schoolgirl

In the latest installment of pervy fun from Sex and Submission, Trinity Post dresses as a schoolgirl and gets just the spanking (and more!) she needs from the Evil Professor Mark Davis:

trinity post paddled and assfucked

Remember, students, “A is for Anal”.

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Butt Hook Panic

Here we see Mark Davis explaining to Sex And Submission model Dylan why she’s not going to wiggle when he goes around behind her to cane her bottom and feet:

bondage girl is menaced with a steel anal hook

“It’s like this, see. First of all, you’re not going to wiggle because you can’t wiggle, I’ve got you trussed over this wooden beam pretty good. But more importantly, once I insert this big steel hook into your tender little rosebud and tie it off to your hair and to the overhead, you aren’t going to want to wiggle, no matter how much the cane strokes hurt!”

butt-hooked girl is caned on her feet and bottom before being fucked from behind

Pictures are from this shoot, where you can evaluate this anti-wiggling technology in action.

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