Spanked Nudes: An Assortment

bondage spanking for Susane

As any good dom will tell you, a naughty submissive being punished should, circumstances permitting, usually be required to get totally naked. If clothing is armor, then being stripped of it will typically reinforce the punishment lesson of the day. Sometimes a sub might be permitted to retain a few sexy accessories, such as jewelry or shoes, for the dominant’s pleasure; but in the main, when it’s punishment time, the clothes come off.

sophie evans presents her pussy for spanking

In the spanking world, however, there’s a contrary tension. Of course a serious spanking is usually delivered “on the bare”; it’s felt more keenly that way, and it’s more fun to spank a naked bottom. However, perhaps more than in the other corridors of BDSM, spankings often have a roleplaying element, and that can mean clothing, to the extent that it’s also costumery. Your classic schoolgirl spanking is the most obvious illustration of this; the skirt will go up and the panties will certainly come down, but when these articles are import signifiers that we’re doing schoolgirl punishment roleplay, they are less likely to come off entirely.

lucy lee gets a nude quirt spanking

Maybe it’s just me, but I think we spankos don’t realize just how rarely our spanking porn features total nudity. We’re so much in love with our roleplays and our fetish signifiers that the sharply erotic joy of a completely nude sub with a bright red ass isn’t seen as much as it might be. I noticed this the other day while scrolling through photos of nude girl after nude girl on until several completely naked spankings (like the ones decorating this post) caught my eye. Since I greatly enjoy the sight of a totally nude woman getting her ass lit up for her misdeeds and misdemeanors, I thought “How refreshing! I should do a post that focuses on spanking nudity.” And so, here we are.

aletta ocean whipped and forced to exercise nude

Spanking Blog has always been unfaithful to the spankings-only purists in our fetish; from the earliest days we’ve mixed in BDSM and whipping content, and gotten plenty of extra nudity into the bargain. You might be surprised how much grumpy email and commentary that’s earned me, but I’m unapologetic. I couldn’t publish this thing for twenty years in a row if I didn’t focus on posting what makes me happy!

simone styles gets her booty spanked poolside

Probably it’s impossible in any quantitative way to verify my theory that BDSM practitioners outside the spanking fetish deploy nakedness more enthusiastically than we do, but I do think they tend to value the headspace it creates (nervousness, uncertainty, vulnerability, shame, et cetera) at least as much. Certainly they do also use clothing and costumes as fetish signifiers a lot — spanking doesn’t have anything like a monopoly on that — but I’ll stoutly defend my unprovable hunch that when the whips and chains come out, we get to see a lot more bare flesh. And I am, as they say, here for it.

naked bondage whipping for anouk

Models, from top to bottom, are as follows: The gagged blonde being hand spanked against a wall is Susane. The belly dancer with the uber-skimpy bottle cap belt presenting her upthrust pussy for a hand spanking is Sophie Evans. The brunette on the drafting table being whipped with the end of a braided leather leash is Lucy Lee. The collared nude being chased around a jogging track by a whipmaster in cool white sports clothing is Aletta Ocean. The bountiful black woman being spanked poolside is Simone Styles. The gagged and bound woman sporting weighted nipple clamps and very fresh flogger marks is Anouk.

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