Naturism And Corporal Punishment

You don’t often find spanking and nudism combined. But every now and then… For instance, there was Februs 34, and a little tale called The Colonel, complete with two illustrations by Paula Meadows:

Avril straightened her back while the Colonel closed the file and took another puff on his cigar.

‘Right, let me tell you about us. Naturism and CP have always been my twin passions. It seems to me they are quite closely related. Both believe in truth, openness, being honest with ourselves, overcoming our inhibitions and being treated equally. It doesn’t matter if you’re a duchess or a dustman everyone is treated the same here.’

He leaned back expansively. ‘We are a community. We believe naturism and discipline are not just pastimes but a way of life.

‘Outside in textileland you are taught to conceal everything, keep yourself separate, distrust others. Every day brings a confusing debate on how much you should expose of yourself. Here, it’s different.

‘Here, because everyone is equal, everything is shared, nothing is hidden. When you break the rules you will be whipped in front of everybody with the beestinger.’

He swivelled round and directed Avril’s eyes toward the whip above the mantelpiece. ‘That’s the beestinger m’dear,’ he said proudly. ‘Let me introduce you.’

otk spanking from a naked man at naturist colony

whipped at the naturist camp

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