Nudist Swingers With Whips

It’s perfectly normal, when going on a camping trip with two other swinger couples for a weekend of nudism and naturist frolicking al fresco, to take along a martinet whip. Just for fun. Perfectly normal. Well, isn’t it?

swingers having a whipping sex party in the great outdoors

Apparently it is. At least, it is if you’re the rampant star of a French comic called Les Surprises-Parties du Camping, as discovered via Kinky Delight.

For those of you who are not swingers and would prefer to imagine yourself as the star of a private nature show featuring nobody but yourself, your very happy John Thomas, and the kneeling recipient of your loving attentions with the whip (and whatever), I’ve taken the liberty of providing an alternative crop:

private forest whipping party

Happy camping!

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  1. K.. commented on October 3rd, 2012:

    Well she’s getting it because of the wrong dresscode, obviously. This is a nudist area, no dress allowed! :)

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