Women Who Spank Themselves

blonde spanking herself with her own hairbrush

Long ago, when this blog was new, there used to be forums where erotic spanking enthusiasts would discuss their experiences and fantasies. A common theme would be forum members, usually but not always women, who were intrigued by the idea of spanking but were still trying to find a safe and friendly person to give them a proper spanking experience. Some of these impatient fantasizers would inevitably work themselves into an erotic frenzy so comprehensive, they would attempt to spank themselves.

lonely whipping girl

Their self-reports about the success of this enterprise tended to fall into two categories. A few of these impact-play entrepreneurs found their self-inflicted whackings quite satisfying. Sometimes, for some, raw sensation is king and queen and lord of the dance, all in one. More often, for many others, it was a disappointment. “It doesn’t feel right when I can just stop — I need someone else in charge of my punishment!”

self-spanking bunny girl

All of this was going on when interactive camming was just being invented. Passive one way “voyeur” webcams had been around for quite awhile, but the technology to see and be seen, one on one, with two-way text or voice chat, was just becoming mainstream. Those were the dawning days of the erotic webcam industry.

anime self-spanking animation

However, it took quite a few years for BDSM cams performers to develop and specialize. Dominatrixes were the early pioneers, I think, but professional camming submissives weren’t far behind. Performers with niche specialties, like spank cams or jerk off instruction (JOI) or foot worship (among many others) took longer to develop, but all of these exist today.

woman who looks smug about having just finished spanking herself with a heart-decorated paddle

Everybody’s wired differently, but as our pioneering self-spankers discovered decades ago, sometimes the vital component is not so much the physicality of the spanking but rather the presence of another person, seeing you and hearing you and sternly instructing you on how you’ve misbehaved and what you’ll have to do before absolution is yours. Indeed, for many, it’s the disciplinary relationship that’s erotic, much more so than the actual pain of the punishment.

tinkerbell spanking herself

Image credits, top to bottom: The blonde spanking herself with her own hairbrush is by February Leaf. The lonely submissive whipping herself into an erotic frenzy with a doubled-over electrical cable is by Mongoringo. The bunny girl spanking herself in a library is by Wazu. The animation in several frames of a woman happily spanking her own panties-covered bottom is from the anime series Ikki Tousen. The beauty who just finished spanking herself with a heart-decorated paddle is by Albyeee. Tinker Bell spanking herself with both hands while standing on a mirror is by Art-2U.

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