Her Final Spanking Cam Show

So I was looking through some fetish cams when I saw something really outrageous and fun happen in one of the free channels. OK, so maybe it didn’t really happen quite exactly this way except in my mind’s eye, but I hope you’ll allow me a tiny bit of imaginative license.

So there I was or I wasn’t, surfing from channel to channel, when I came upon this bratty little blonde princess who was totally cute as a button. She looked a little nervous, though, and kept glancing off-screen as though she expected to get caught “in the act” by somebody else in her house.

She was sitting on a black plush ottoman, wearing skimpy undies with a lot of lace and ribbons. Her legs were apart facing the camera and she was tapping her thighs lightly with a ruler. Her profile said “self-spanking” — that’s what got me into her free channel — but she didn’t look very serious about it. There were three or four guys already in her chat channel egging her on.

“Show us your ass, baby.”

“Turn around and kneel up, baby.”

“Use that wooden spoon on yourself, girl.”

“Use the fuzzy paddle.”

To her credit, she just kept playing with her her pussy with her left hand, poking at her panties and teasing the not-very-serious guys, who showed no signs of having tipped her anything yet. And with her right hand, she kept lightly slapping the insides of her thighs with that wooden ruler.

“You want me to really spank myself? Hard? I can make myself cry, boys. But you’re really going to have to start tipping.”

This went on for awhile. They weren’t tipping, and she wasn’t going to give them a real show for free. Then suddenly, an amused male voice from off camera:

“Camming again, hon? Didn’t we talk about that?”

She spun toward the voice, ruler hastily thrust behind her. “No! I’m not! Uh, I have the stuff out and I was thinking about it, because I wanted to do some online shopping. But, er, I didn’t actually do it yet…”

A man walked in. He was big, and he looked gentle, but he also looked like he was completely out of patience with her bullshit. He just pointed at her hands behind her back. Slowly, guiltily, she brought out her hands and showed him the ruler. Suddenly he turned and looked at her computer screen, then nodded to himself and gave a little wave at the camera. To her: “You want to show off for your internet boyfriends, why don’t we give them a real show in your free channel, hon? GO GET MY PADDLE.

She blushed. He tapped his foot. She ran out of the room. He sat down on her ottoman. He called out “Hurry, your boyfriends are waiting!”

Pretty soon she came back into the room with a narrow vicious-looking wooden hardwood paddle, about sixteen inches long with a line of holes drilled down the middle of it. Real wicked little thing. She handed it to him. He looked at her. “Panties down, now.”

She reached for her laptop, as if to close it. “NOW!

Reluctantly, she dropped her panties.

“Over my lap.”

She crawled over his lap, looking scared.

He shifted about 45 degrees, rotating her and the ottoman so that her bottom pointed right at her webcam. And then he winked at the camera.

Friends, he spanked her, hard. About thirty swats. Not a fun spanking, not a swat and a rub and a pet and a swat, just regular hard continuous slow heavy spanks that immediately had her crying and blubbering and fighting and kicking and streaming snot out of her face. Her bottom turned red and swelled up and got puffy. He punished her. He left her bottom flaming, and I do not doubt it was bruised and sore for a couple of days. She was one sorry-looking girl before he was half-done.

When he was done, he set her down on the floor and let her sit upright until she stopped crying and her breathing returned to normal. No aftercare, no cuddle, he just waited. When her snuffling stopped, he made her face the camera. Then he asked her: “Are you done camming?”


“Say goodbye to your internet boyfriends.”

“Goodbye, internet boyfriends.” She smiled as he glowered.

Then he reached up and closed her laptop.

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