Caught In A Small Town: Public Webcam Spanking

Red Booty Woman was surfing public webcams when she saw a moment of discipline:

The other day I was on a site that had video camera links to tourist spots, around the world. You could see, in real time, beaches, mountains and various cities from Costa Rica, Mexico to Europe.

I ended up looking at a video camera of downtown small town U.S.A. At first I was looking at the buildings and the lack of traffic and was about to switch to another camera … when I saw IT.

[W]hat happened with the couple on the darkened main street in a small town in the U.S? They got out of the car and he walked around to her side. I’m assuming he said something to her since they both stood still for a moment. She lost it. Waiving her hands and I’m assuming having a lot to say to him at the moment.

He was having none of that. He looks around and then closes the distance between them, pulls her close, says something to her and then POP, smacks her bottom three times.

More conversation. Then a hug and a cuddle and they cross the street while holding hands.

I always knew that DD was more common than the naysayers believe.

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