She Poked It. And Then She Poked It Again!

As long as I’ve e-known her, Erica Scott has made no secret of enjoying a good chance to brat. This recent anecdote — from her fond remembrance of a spanking top whose company she greatly enjoyed — is classic:

He’d found my email address online and contacted me. We began a correspondence; he asked lots of questions, and I answered them to the best of my ability. Eventually, he decided to attend his first spanking party — Shadow Lane, of course. I encouraged him to find me there. I felt like I already knew him.

So we met in person, and had instant chemistry. A single man at these things is sometimes received with suspicion (which is a damn shame), but he did well for himself at this first party, making friends. And then it came time for us to play for the first time. It was Saturday night after the ballroom dinner/dance, so we were all dressed up. In the party suite, he approached me, and we went into one of the bedrooms to do our scene. He was in a suit, so he took off his jacket, folded it and laid it on the bed. Then he said, “Don’t touch my jacket.”

Of course, I reached out and poked it.

“I said, don’t touch my jacket.” I poked it again. Spanking commenced. But he kept stopping, turning to look, and repeating, “I told you not to touch my jacket! Stop touching my jacket!” Which, of course, I kept doing.

Until I got tired of that. “Fine!” I snapped. “Let’s remove the temptation, shall we?” Then I snatched up his jacket and flung it across the room, where it landed in a heap on the floor.

That did it. With lightning speed, he pushed me off, went to retrieve his jacket, came back, pinned me down and really lit into me. Other people were watching and I heard one guy say, “Daaaaaaamn!” And I was laughing through the entire thing. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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  1. fatherjim1 commented on March 13th, 2023:

    Reading this, I believe Erica Scott is as much interested in testing boundaries and bratting as any spanking. She is a true icon in the spanko world. I have always said that she is my EVERYWOMAN. She can be a Middle-aged teacher, A young bratty stenographer, a naughty cheerleader, A misbehaving psychologist. Whatever. She has always been so REAL.

    I’ve read of the challenges being in the scene and trying to trust people have cost her and her psyche. She is REAL.

    She has shared herself, her beautiful bottom and her life for years. She is REAL, and I thank her for being herself! She has given validity and truth, as opposed to other’s suppositions and fantasies, to the scene and helped make the scene REAL!

    Thank you, Erica!

  2. Erica Scott commented on March 14th, 2023:

    Thank YOU, Father Jim. You’re very kind.

    Fond memories of a wonderful man. I had so much fun with him — it’s amazing how magical TTWD can be when you click with someone.

  3. Mike Wetherby commented on May 7th, 2023:

    Excuse me for an irrelevant post. Can’t think how else to being this to your notice. For Posterity a 450,000-word monster of a miscellany of “this English thing of ours” has been published on Kindle with a 45,000-word free Look Inside. It has all the classic texts even prior to Cornelius Hadrian through Father Gerard and all the CP letters from the Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine – Swinburne, Joyce, two Lawrences, Nancy Mitford, Enid Blyton, Percy Grainger – all sorts, up to the modern day. Ken Tynan, four Waughs, Sebastian Faulks, Tom Stoppard, the London Review of Books (they had a period of obsession with smacked bottoms). I thought you – as connoisseurs – would rather know than not know.

  4. SpankBoss commented on May 7th, 2023:

    Well, my email link is right there in the header on every page…

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