A Binder Full Of Erica

Trust Erica Scott to turn a bit of gentle bondage into a sassing opportunity:

We had some fun with politics tonight. He teased me by saying that my bottom would need a nice thick binder. I beg your pardon?? I snapped back that if we collected all of his wit and wisdom, it would fit in the world’s thinnest binder.

I knew I’d pay for that. It was worth it. :-)

Anyway, after the OTK warmup, we proceeded to the bedroom where he decided to “bind” me. What he didn’t count on was my itty-bitty wrists. As he was whaling away, I felt my hands slipping slightly through the restraints. Calculating the slack, I thought, yeah, go for it. So, with one sudden movement, I yanked both hands free. And laughed my freaking head off.

“Oh, that is never, EVER going to happen again,” he growled, pulling my hands back into the restraints and securing them tighter. Not uncomfortably so, though. But I couldn’t move my arms or legs; all I could do was wriggle. I was doing plenty of that by the end…

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Bondage Ass Beatings Movie:

Detention House 3: Severely Punished Delinquent Girls

before and after brutal caning photo
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