Her Big Spanking Tattoo

Look, a lot of spanko girls have tattoos on their butts proclaiming their love of spanking. It’s become a bit of a thing. And what is the harm? In a world where public nudity is rare, the opportunity cost is pretty low. Basically if somebody is gonna see you naked, you’ve given up the opportunity to dissemble about your spanking kink. There’s probably benefit in that, most times. If they pull down your panties and see your cute “spank me” inscribed in a little paddle shape, it saves you the hassle of having to ask for that first spanking, right?

But this one? To me it seems like a lot. It’s really huge, for starters. I don’t care how much the ink fades in sixty years, it’s still going to be generating discussion with the personal care assistants in your nursing home:

huge spank me daddy tattoo with a big open hand

No shade from me. Ink is personal. People have their reasons. I’m just, like… wow.

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