Delighting In Evil

bible bottom

When I first saw this rather jaw-dropping tattoo, my first thought was “wouldn’t it be surreal to be the man to the woman who had it?” Can you imagine pounding that ass doggie-style every few days, week in and week out, seeing that verse heaving in front of you every time? I mean, there are worse fates, but it would be weird.

Anal sex, with its associated taboos, would be even more bizarre. Lubing her up and just sliiding right in under that verse. Wow.

And then I read the verse again. And I’m thinking, no, that’s just not right. “Love…does not delight in evil.” Is it evil to enjoy putting in a ginger fig, making her squirm until the paddle actually feels good like it’s scratching an itch? Bethie says so. Maybe that’s not the kind of evil the verse is talking about. But still.

All in all, I think (as far as your average spanko is concerned) she could have gotten herself a “spank me here” tattoo a few inches lower and saved herself a lot of ink.

  1. Michael commented on August 17th, 2010:

    “Love is kind … not conceited … nor rude.”

    It is saying to give her a reach-around. Don’t be rude, dude. Share the pleasure.

  2. Phil commented on August 18th, 2010:

    Well, I think its completely charming, delightful. What a wonderful thing to have written on you and so technically well drawn, too. There is absolutely nothing is the verse to imply that sexual adventure with someone you love, to express your love is evil. Quite the reverse. There was a writer called CS Lewis who had this idea that in Heaven everything so much more real that it can ever be on earth. That must include everything erotic. Sounds as if Heaven could turn out to be completely exhausting!!!

  3. Nick da prof commented on August 18th, 2010:

    I think it is a marvelous sentiment in a marvelous place. A dear friend and neighbor of mine in my Downeast days pointed out (and she was an Anglican minister, so had good reason to know) that virtually all love was a mixture of philia [“friendship”], eros [“carnal love”], and agapĂ© [“spiritual affection”]. I would have no hesitation whatever bonking the pretty lass in the picture from behind, mindful of the author of I Cor. 13’s admonisment elsewhere that “it is better to bonk than to burn.” Indeed, I might be more considerate and less selfish about it if I had such reading material to think on all the while.

  4. Dan commented on August 18th, 2010:

    Apparently, love is grammatically incorrect, too. There’s a typo: “There is no limit to it’s faith.” Should be “its.” :) Smoking hot tat, though.

  5. Joe commented on August 19th, 2010:

    I hate to go all geeky, but the original text uses agape, which translates better as charity or “spiritual affection” as Da Prof prefers. The King James and Latin Vulgate versions both use that translation. Either way, it is and odd quote to put on your behind or to read at a wedding, as is often done.

  6. Loving This Tattoo - ErosBlog: The Sex Blog commented on August 23rd, 2010:

    […] Blog ponders this approximately 85-word tattoo and wonders “can you imagine pounding that ass doggie-style every few days, week in and week out, seeing […]

  7. Bruce commented on August 24th, 2010:

    In my best Ricardo Montalban voice, “…. soft Corrrrrinthian leather”

    spread the word baby!!

  8. Mike commented on September 26th, 2012:

    Actually, she’s had the tat since sometime before 2006 (when I met her) – we used to go to the same clubs here in Phoenix.

    Part of her reason for the tat was that she was engaged but couldn’t get married – she was engaged to a woman and Arizona still isn’t exactly know for its liberal thinking.

    I haven’t run into her in a few years so I don’t know if they finally managed to move to a state where they could get married finally.

    Hopefully they finally did, they went the turkey baster route and she had a kid a few years ago. Imagine raising a child the state refuses to let you adopt and call your own.


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