Spanking Herself For Life

Man o man, the foolish things people do in the throes of “true love everlasting”.

Here’s a girl who got “Scott’s Slut Forever” tattooed just above her pussy:

slut forever tattoo

A sweet gesture I’m sure, but when Scott is long gone, that’s gonna be so awkward.

Now I’m just hoping she didn’t do it to impress her online master whom she’s never actually met, yet.

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  1. Poi commented on October 11th, 2010:

    Hahahaha…. I love the last sentence above. Too true. As someone who’s spent a while in BDSM chat rooms, you come across it all too often.

    My slut has ‘owned’ tattooed down her spine towards the bottom in amongst her existing tats. Then again she’s been collared four years and we’ve been married two… and got a baby on the way… so hopefully there enough permanence. She always joked if we split she could always get ‘dis-‘ tattooed above the ‘owned’ ;)


  2. SpankBoss commented on October 11th, 2010:

    Yeah, that’s not tempting the gods quite so much.

    I don’t want the Ghost of Andre the Giant coming after me, so it’s not that I’m disbelieving in True Love or even the sometimes permanence thereof. After some more thought, I’ve realized that what reallys strikes me about the tat in the post is its hubris in the classical Greek Tragedy sense. There’s always a risk that Scott could get struck by an asteroid, and in a universe with a cruel sense of humor, who is to say a tattoo like that doesn’t make it more likely?

    Your wife’s tat doesn’t strike me as having the same “tempt the gods” hubris about it; she’s owned and expects to stay that way, she gets a permanent tat, but the tat itself doesn’t claim a permanence beyond the ability of mortals to command. The world is full of people sporting body art that’s become commemorative, and if that happens to her someday, well, oops, this conversation just got awkward… Heh, my point being, it’s not as embarrassing without the name and the claim of permanence.

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