The Bullwhip: Her First Time

Not only is this her first time swinging a bullwhip, it’s her first time getting a bullwhipping, too! Wait for it:

Her outraged scream is especially precious.

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  1. Fr. commented on March 25th, 2020:

    What a cutie! But I can’t seem to identify the exact moment she gets hit. What am I missing?

  2. SpankBoss commented on March 25th, 2020:

    She couldn’t either! The tip of a bullwhip is supersonic, that’s what makes the crack. It’s moving so fast the eye can’t follow it, and certainly not this grainy phone video. Very slightly before she starts clutching and screaming is the moment in question, but there isn’t a video frame that captured the strike.

  3. Fr. commented on March 26th, 2020:

    I see what you mean: Low frame rate, high quality cuteness!

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