Pull Her Hair And Spank Her

Back in the days when nobody was supervising sorority hazing, every sister knew the following truth: spanking is always more fun when it comes with a bit of light bondage and hair pulling!

hair-pulling topless lesbian sorority spanking with a ping-pong paddle

Photo is probably from one of those old sold-by-mail wallet-photo porn sets. But that’s just a guess.

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  1. Fr. commented on March 22nd, 2020:

    Any guess as to year/era?

  2. SpankBoss commented on March 22nd, 2020:

    Maybe 1960s or early 1970s? But it’s a total wild-ass guess. It could be a magazine photo from as late as the late 1980s.

  3. bodack commented on March 22nd, 2020:

    I would say sixties because the panties are still on. I wouldn’t say late 1980’s because ed lee had already changed the way spankings were done in the early 80’s

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A "Punished Delinquents In Tears" Movie:

Detention House 3: Spanked Inmates Made Very Sorry

blubbering blonde with a beaten ass
"...a heavy round wooden paddle with a hole in the middle that leaves fearsome red bruises. And then the shaking girls with beaten butts and tearful faces receive another terrible punishment..."