A Bamboo Cane Demonstration: That’s How To Sell Them!

What do you do when the Society of Woman Spankers (SOWS) makes a visit en masse to your humble family-run sex shop? Well, if you’re good at selling sex toys, bondage gear, and spanking implements, you grab Lily, the sister with the biggest and prettiest butt, and make her “volunteer” to demonstrate how the bondage furniture works. Her delicious ass will make a perfect ornament for the spanking pillory:

how to sell spanking stocks: bondage demonstration

caning pillory demonstration

put in the spanking stocks for a painful demo

And what do you do then, if you’re a loving sibling like Dolly, when another one of the “SOWS” (unfortunate acronym, that, but I’m not volunteering to point it out to them) wants to test out a vicious bamboo cane? Why, you offer up your sister Lily’s thoroughly-restrained butt as a caning test target! It’s not like she’s in any position to refuse:

bottom exposed for spanking in Stantoons 52

flexing a cane before demonstrating it on her bottom

I like how Lily is already plotting revenge on her sister Dolly. It’s not like the siblings won’t be out on the same shop floor selling spanking furniture and canes again tomorrow! Honestly, I’m not sure Dolly has thought this all the way through. But probably she just can’t resist the chance to swing that evil cane at her sister’s oh-so-spankable bottom:

caning demonstration art by Eric Stanton

how to use a bamboo cane on a helpless girl's bottom

hard splat bamboo cane stroke on the ass of a woman in helpless bondage

Look at that splat! I would have done it too. Worry about tomorrow — and Lily’s inevitable revenge — tomorrow. It’s perhaps unkind, however, to turn over the cane to the prospective customer for unlimited testing:

caning and spanking pillory demo

beating her ass cruelly with a bamboo cane

facial reaction shot to a hard stroke with a bamboo cane

happy cane customer will buy a dozen bamboo canes after successful demonstration

At the end of the day, though, how can you argue with a spanking toy sales success like that? A bulk sale! Surely that’s worth Lily’s thrashed and sore bottom — especially if Dolly takes the commission!

This post is excerpted from Stantoons #52. All the bondage caning artwork is by Eric Stanton.

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  1. web-ed commented on January 11th, 2020:

    Classic Stanton, with both his virtues and vices. He started out with lovely positioning, then ruined it by allowing his spankee to bend her knees (compare to Gene Bilbrew, who generally understood the importance of straight knees and arched back in the bending-over position). If only her position in panel 3 had been repeated when the strokes start to land in panels 8 on!

    His pacing is very good, though, with plenty of build-up for each separate stroke, and you have to love his initial set-up (however unlikely) of one sister having to accept a caning by the other in order to move the merchandise. And I wonder if Lily ever got her revenge on Lorraine?

    Good stuff!

  2. Fr. commented on January 13th, 2020:

    Always love to see a good pillory.

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