An Electric Spanking For BlunderBroad

In Eric Stanton’s famous Blunderbroad comic, which is a BDSM spoof of Wonder Woman featuring lots of catfights and bondage, there’s a scene where the evil villain Sir Dastardly has her helpless in his basement and decides to do a photoshoot. It goes kinda like this:

With the camera on remote, there is the ten-minute whipping while she bends and grabs her ankles, wearing only a maid’s apron. She demonstrates countless devices after that, sore of bottom.

There is the nose-and-tongue clamp. The two knotty-knobby giant pickles, one in each mouth. The Deep Throat gag. The penis gag sealed in with adhesive. The taco-with-jalopeno gag that creates such lovely tears. The electric butt-swatting machine, which he later demonstrates can be effective as an electric tit-slapping machine; great views from front and rear, while she bent helplessly, seemingly willingly, for that twenty-five minutes of horror.

After that, a bit of talcum on the breasts to cover the red, and the doorknob earrings. Charming, especially while she jogged, on command, around the basement. The pine-cone anal plug. The 16-inch corset, not to mention the Walk-your-dog nipple-leash and walk-your-pussy chain and ankle bar. Why mention the Pony Girl suit, the chariot race, or the dread Single Glove?

Why, indeed? Not all of these delights are illustrated in the comic, but we do have a detail showing the electric butt-swatting and tit-slapping machine:

a spanking machine for BlunderBroad

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  1. Vinnie Tesla commented on June 28th, 2010:

    Of course, a BDSM spoof of Wonder Woman is kind of like a parody of James Bond that includes explosions and drinking.

  2. Handyman commented on July 3rd, 2010:

    Being a cyclist and creative maker of implements, I couldn’t help but notice the pedals and the drive chain that look to be powering that stingy looking wheel. Since she is pedaling, is this a self spanking?

  3. bob nelson commented on September 25th, 2010:

    just wondering why they took off blunderbroad 18. we could check up on our favourite super slut. and i’d also like to see more of my other favourite catmandhu.

  4. bdsm_vixen commented on May 8th, 2011:

    Now that’s both erotic and a woman’s nightmare!! Big bouncy boobs exposed, no panties, and self-spanking her own tender butt crack in front of a man and a camera! Oh the humanity!! Nice post.

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