Puritans Deliver A Public Whipping

four puritans strip an adulteress for exposure in the stocks and a public whipping

Ah, those brutal Puritans, whipping at the drop of a hat! These lurid public whipping scenes are promotional photos for the 1969 movie Starlet, famously the first movie ever to promote itself with an XXX rating.

bare breasts showing of an adulteress exposed in wooden stocks for public humiliation and whipping

If the Puritans in question appear to have set up their stocks on the set of Star Trek, this is perhaps no accident. Starlet is a movie about making movies, so it’s not only made, but also set on Hollywood movie studio back lots, which is the same sort of place that all the Trek “away parties” took place when they were making cheap scifi television in those days.

leering Puritans gloat at a naked blonde adulteress in wooden bondage stocks

A Starlet subplot involves a “real” director who makes underground stag films for the private amusement of the studio bosses. So that’s how this Puritans whipping scene came to be made.

Puritans whipping a half-stripped woman in a pillory

Puritans whipping a stripped woman

Puritan whipping for a naked woman in a public pillory

Photos were originally published in the April 1971 issue of Sir! magazine.

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  1. The Count commented on March 18th, 2019:

    The pillory is a good punishment in itself but obviously it can facilitate a wide range of other sanctions!

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