Brushing Her Breasts With Stinging Nettles

I remember an arresting image from a porn book I read many years ago. A young adult woman had been bound to a post (part of a gazebo I believe) in a garden by her younger step-sisters, who were wont to torment her in such ways. They had just bared her breasts and begun to tease her when an older man / love interest of the bound sister appeared in the garden. All loose sisters flee, but the man cannot resist approaching his bound love interest and (when she reproaches / refuses him verbally) he begins to “tickle” her breasts with stinging nettles he finds nearby. Her pleas grow increasingly frantic as his arousal builds and his sexual demands become more explicit…

For obvious reasons, these photos from Shadow Slaves have reminded me of the scene:

woman bound with her hands over her head as her naked breasts are rubbed with stinging nettles

painful torment of her bare breasts with stinging nettles as she stands helplessly tied to a tree

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  1. Maren Smith commented on August 16th, 2012:

    I can’t help but think those with an interest in spanking and/or teasing with stinging nettles have never really been on the receiving end of those awful plants. I can’t look at these pictures without squirming. That poor girl!

    Although, I can see why that kind of reaction on the part of a submissive might attract the interest of some Doms.

  2. Sam commented on August 16th, 2012:

    I’ve always wanted to play around with stinging nettles – but I don’t live near *any* forest areas. Does anyone know of any places online to buy stinging nettles?

  3. SpankBoss commented on August 17th, 2012:

    Heh, Maren. That’s definitely a feature rather than a problem! But you’re right, it’s no tease … they are very painful toys.

    Sam, have a look at my Growing and Playing With Stinging Nettles post for a bit more info. Bottom line is that nettles lose most of their sting fairly quickly after being cut/harvested as they start to wilt; for our purposes, they’re at least as perishable as cut flowers. I could imagine them being sold in bundles at a fetish flea market or something, but I’ve never heard of that happening and it wouldn’t help most of us if it did. I suppose a FedEx stinging nettles business might be theoretically possible, but I don’t think there is one.

    Nope, I’m afraid the only hope is to grow your own. In theory that should be easy … nettles are a *weed* … but in practice I haven’t had consistent good luck. Seeds are easily found on the internet via Google; the trouble with seeds is that they are hard to germinate and the seedlings seem very fragile in my experience. Nettles propagate much more easily via cuttings, and these are *sometimes* findable on the internet, but I don’t currently have a source (haven’t looked recently either).

    When looking online, be aware that nettles are highly prized for herbal medicine and culinary purposes as well as by kinksters, so you may find yourself doing business with somebody who doesn’t understand your purposes. Be discreet, if you don’t want to squick some poor friendly online herb lady!

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