How To Not Waste Your Gym Membership

Anybody who’s ever paid for a membership in a gym knows how they take your money. They sign you up for a nice long membership when your intentions are good, and then they bill you every month whether you ever show up at their facility, or not. And you, despite your best intentions, eventually (sooner or later, and too often it’s “sooner”) encounter complications … because what is life without a swarm of besetting complications? And before you know it, you’re paying a fat bill every month for … nothing. And most people keep paying out of guilt, because they “mean to” get back to it. They take personal responsibility for the economic loss, and don’t think to blame the folks who deliberately set up a business model that’s designed around preying on the complexities and setbacks of modern life.

No matter. I think @eltercerojo has hit upon a way to make this model work for her:

At my request (dear god!) so I stop wasting $49pm, @paulatnorthgare has promised me 49 cane strokes any week I don’t get to the gym 3X.

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  1. Ekho commented on October 4th, 2011:

    That sounds just cruel enough to work :c

  2. Caned For Not Going To The Gym – Spanking Blog commented on October 18th, 2011:

    […] I guess this was the inevitable consequence of How Not To Waste Your Gym Membership: […]

  3. Peter Stenning commented on October 18th, 2011:

    My girl and I have a similar arrangement – she has to do four physical exercise sessions per week to avoid the cane (although it doesn’t have to be a trip to the gym – running outside is also acceptable).

    And as I believe in leading by example, I’ve committed myself to doing the same… 4 sessions per week (though of course my punishment would simply be the shame of showing a lack of self-discipline!)

    Now, about 8 weeks on, neither of us has missed a single session… and I’m the best part of a stone lighter!

    There’s more to this D/s lark than red bottoms, chafed wrists and saying “yes, Master”… show me a vanilla couple who can achieve that kind of shared transformation in behaviour!!

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