The Inner States Of A Spankee

What’s really going through her mind during a spanking? In most cases, it’s hard to know. But MynxGrrl has provided a handy translation guide. Its general applicability is uncertain, but with good data like this, progress in the field can be made:

What you see: Lots of squirming and maybe even my trying to worm away and off your lap.
What I’m thinking: Grab me tighter!

What you hear: Ow, ow, please stop!
What I’m thinking: Ow, mmm, ow, please don’t stop!!!

What you do: Hook a finger in the waistband of my knickers.
What I say: Noooooooooooooo! Please don’t!
What I mean: Fuck, I hope I didn’t soak through them. I hope there is no visible wetness. That’s even more embarrassing *cunt twitch*

  1. Dave commented on October 10th, 2011:

    One of my favest posts–awesome job by MinxGrrl:-)

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