Caned For Not Exercising

Here is an excerpt from The Continuing Saga of Jules. Jules is a much-loved and well-spanked young wife with a husband who very much enjoys the game. Although the writing in this story could stand a little tightening up (okay, a lot of tightening up), I like these bits anyway, because I’ve got a friend with an exercise-related rebelliousness problem.

The problem was that Jules hated exercise. It made her sweaty, made her feel like a female jock, and she didn’t like that. She was a girl and she wanted to remain very feminine, dainty and sweet smelling like a girl should be. So she kinda shirked her exercises, especially if Bill wasn’t there watching her.

In fact, the very first time Bill ever used his new cane on her shapely rear was for her goofing off in the exercise room. He was home but she thought he was busy in his den doing some paper work. Her mistake. Instead of working out as she was told to, Jules was sitting looking out the window munching on a cookie when Bill looked in to see how she was doing that afternoon. To put it mildly he wasn’t happy with what he saw.

“So THIS is how you do your exercises, is it? Well, I think you need some exercise of a different kind, my girl. Get those sweat pants off right now and wait right here. I’ll be back in a minute!”

And with that Bill left the room, while Jules meekly removed her gray sweat pants. She knew he was going to spank her. She had little doubt of that, and truth to tell, she deserved it, she had it coming. How dumb could she be to goof off when Bill was underfoot?

Pretty Jules’ eyes grew big as silver dollars (well make those brown dollars in her case) when she saw what Bill brought back with him. It was that new cane he had found. Up to that point he had never spanked her with it, nor did she ever want him to. From what her girl friends had told her (especially some of those she had on the internet) canes hurt like crazy.

“Oh, NO, Bill!” she cried out in alarm. “OH NO, not the cane, oh please not the cane. I’ll work hard, real hard. I’ll work out twice as long right now, honest I will!”
Her face was flushed, her shapely calves shaking like leaves in the wind. She was scared, really scared.

“Yes you WILL, my girl, you certainly WILL, but not until after I’ve given you a good hard spanking with my new stick. You are going to love it, Jules my sweet, truly love it. It will make the prettiest red marks on your naughty cheeks, I promise you.”

Jules really didn’t want to see them. She was willing to do without that pleasure in life.

“Now bend over, hands on bench, bottom out, legs spread a little more apart, don�t want you tumbling over as I spank you.” Bill stood beside her as Jules bent forward and put her trembling palms down on the wood bench in front of her. It was low enough to force her to double over almost, and this caused her shapely rear to stick way out and up in back. All that covered her firm round buttocks at this point were her white panties. And they were not very thick.

Jules held her breath and tensed her ass as she waited for the first cut of her husband’s new cane. It came with a loud swishing sound, followed by a dull thud as wood met flesh. Jules cried out loudly in shock and in pain.

“OH BILL” she hollered, “oh, Bill that hurts so, oh please NO more, honey, NO more?” Jules tried to look back up from her doubled over position at her young husband’s face, but she could not see it. Just as well, for at that moment Bill was smiling broadly, really into this first caning. He had been looking forward to using his new cane, just waiting for Jules to give him some good reason to do so. Today she had, hurrah!

Bill had done his homework well before using the new cane on his cute wife. He asked around discreetly and was advised when first using a cane on a girl, it was best to limit the number of strokes to 6 or 8. Later after she grew used to being spanked with it, a man might increase the number of cane cuts to 10 or 12. Since that day was Jules’ first spanking with a cane, Bill decided to limit it to 6 strokes. As it turned out, just 6 cuts of his cane left his pretty wife blubbering worse than if he had paddled her 100 times. “Man,” he told himself as he watched her sobbing and rubbing her brightly striped buttocks gingerly, “man this cane thing must really hurt.” He smiled. “Ahhh…” he thought contentedly, “another fine tool to use on my sometimes naughty Jules.”

There’s more where that came from, with photo illustrations to boot.

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