Spanking in 3D SexVilla2?

I am intrigued by the new virtual-paper-dolls sex game product offering that has started cropping up all over the place. The main version is 3D SexVilla, and it appears to be a very modern version of the computer sex games that have been around forever. (Did you ever see “Virtual Playmate” for the original Macintosh?) 3D SexVilla has got sexy animated models who can be posed, dressed and undressed like virtual paper dolls, and “interacted with” using a variety of sex toys. Here we’ve got a sexy teacher tied up with anal beads, in her own classroom:

virtual teacher getting anal beaded in her own classroom

I’m not sure when I’m going to get a chance to investigate this software properly, but the screenshots I’ve seen make it clear that it’s indeed of interest to spanking fetishists. The “tools” include at least a riding crop (rather square and clunky looking) and a wooden paddle, and it looks as if skin turns red when paddled. Which explains how, in the next screenshot, our sexy teacher has lost her glasses, gained a ball gag, and seems to be getting a paddling:

a spanking for teacher

What I’m hearing is that everything can be customized — the models, the poses, the clothes, the toys — and if that’s true, this could be turn out to be a fun tool for making your own computer-graphic spanking porn without having to learn Poser or any of the other fancy 3D drawing software. If so, I’m sure we’ll be seeing and hearing quite a lot more about 3D SexVilla!

Update: I forgot to mention, if you are already using this software to generate spanking art, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Link your art on your site, share your impressions of using the software, whatever!

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