Wife Whipping For Debt Collection

I thought I’d try something new in this post, in an effort to show you bigger pictures. Try mousing over the pictures below, and let me know what you think of the new format!

Our story begins, as so many do, on the viciously mobbed-up island of Sicily.

married woman tends her house
Here we see a pretty blonde housewife giving her porch plants their morning water. Birds are singing, the sun is shining, maybe her cordless vibrator is all charged up on her bedside table. Whatever; the point is, the day is bright with happy possibilities. Until…
blonde woman with watering can
“What’s this? Who could be coming up the drive so early in the day? None of our neighbors have a car like that. And what is all the ruckus?”
mafiosi with whips
Oh, dear. It’s Sergio and Giovanni, looking like refugees from a Dukes of Hazzard fan convention. All they need is a coat of orange paint for the Generalissimo Lee, there.

Wifey knows the business her man is in, and she knows the look of the local mafia boys. She knows they aren’t here to fix the plumbing. She bravely decides to try bravado: “Why are you goons here, and what’s with the cowboy whips? Have you been watching the American western movies? Which of you guys is Buffalo, and which is Bill? Are you circus performers, maybe?”

threatening a housewife
What they ought to say, but do not: “No, Ma’am, we’re musicians.”

What they really say:

“Your husband thought he’d get clever, and stiff our boss for half a million Euros. We’re here to, ah, encourage him to pay up. Nothing personal, but you’re about to get one hell of a whipping.”

dragging away wife to be whipped
“You’re coming with us.”
struggling woman
“Stop struggling! You’ll only make this take longer and hurt worse.”
tied up for a whipping
Soon our whip-happy villains have found a handy whipping tree.
shouting whip thug
Nothing furtive about this bit of collections work — everybody on the island knows what happens if you don’t pay off the grey old men. But just to make sure: “Yo! Are you watching! This is what happens to the families of men who don’t pay what they owe!”
show her the whip
“…and this is the bullwhip we are going to use to put big painful welts all over your pretty body, so that for the next few days, every time your husband sees you, he’ll remember his business obligations.”
married woman stripped and punished
“Of course, you understand, that dress has got to come off. Our employer gave very explicit instructions.”
stripped wife ready for whipping
Her sense of pride, and humor, have not failed her: “Is this going to hurt, very much?”
starting to whip the woman
“Ah, yes. Yes, it is.”
hard whipping for wife
“Quite a lot, actually…”
whipped woman
more wife whipping
The men with whips take turns at first.
woman whipped
Then they try a sort of “good loanshark, bad loanshark” maneuver, where one guy whips while the other explains how she should advise her husband to pay his debts.
bullwhip wraps and stings terribly
But, mostly, they just whip, and she suffers.

And do you know what the scariest part of today’s little immorality play is? Simply this: these have been the mild photographs from this photo set. These pictures are from Pain Gate, which as I’ve warned you before, is all about amazingly harsh whippings and livid whip welts. To be honest, they play harder at Pain Gate than I like to show on this blog; if I show too many boobies covered with bright red whip marks, I’ll jeopardize my reputation as a perfectly harmless mild-mannered erotic spanking fetishist. And we can’t have that, can we?

It’s OK, though; if you want to see more, you know what to do.

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  1. Owen commented on April 14th, 2008:

    Thumbs-up on the new format here.

  2. elizabetta commented on April 14th, 2008:

    New format is cool. Enjoy your blog immensely. Bethie’s, too. There is a postcard at postsecret.com that will probably appeal to you, (and Bethie) if you have not already seen it. elizabetta

  3. Disgruntled commented on April 14th, 2008:

    If by “you know what to do” you mean click on your links that all point to the front page of a pay site and not the content pictured then i guess we do. Otherwise no we do not know how to see any of the pictures we would like to.

  4. SpankBoss commented on April 15th, 2008:

    Sure you do, Disgruntled. What you’re bitching about is that you don’t know how to do it for free.

    Despite all the free samples I give away on behalf of spanking porn producers, I’m not horribly sympathetic to the folks who won’t pay for porn. It’s the classic “free rider” problem from economics. If nobody pays, who’ll make the porn?

    Pay sites are the fuel that keeps this blog on the internet. Without them, I wouldn’t have pictures to show you and I wouldn’t have the money to pay for bandwidth. I won’t apologize for linking to them and I won’t apologize for making folks want to see what they’ve got.

  5. Bagmen With A Rope And A Whip - Bondage Blog commented on May 18th, 2008:

    […] meant to link to this photo-essay on Spanking Blog last month, but then I forgot. Basically the story seems to revolve around these […]

  6. Johnny commented on October 17th, 2009:

    Good point Spankboss. Paingate is an excellent site, but someone has to pay for the porn. Even so, there are still some great pics in the free area.

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