Caned Boob

A bamboo cane is not a nice and friendly tool for use in spanking and punishing large natural breasts:

vintage breast caning photo

That’s gotta smart!

From vintage.

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  1. Phoenix commented on September 11th, 2007:

    Wonderful picture, her breasts are gorgeous and her open mouth is beautiful.
    Not to detract from the picture at all, but does anybody else think it’s staged? Again not saying its not a beautiful, erotic picture, just curious if I’m right.

  2. SpankBoss commented on September 11th, 2007:

    Alas, I do not understand the question. Is not virtually every erotic photograph staged in some sense?

  3. phoenix commented on September 12th, 2007:

    I should have been clearer, I mean does it look to you like the bamboo rod was pressed into her breast, she was told to make a face like she had just been struck and then the photo was taken? I guess I’d expect to see a brease that large be moving a whole lot more if struck by a bamboo cane hard enough to press in that deep. Of course, I could also be 100% wrong. What’s your opinion?

  4. SpankBoss commented on September 12th, 2007:

    Hmm, when it comes to composing that photo, the facial expression looks authentic, but I’d expect an impact shot to show a bit of ripple in the flesh that I’m not seeing. There are welts on her other breast, so I don’t think the scene is entirely artifice. My guess, and I’m just speculating, is that the person with the cane struck her breast and then quickly pressed the cane hard against her so the photographer could get the shot.

  5. ~m. commented on September 13th, 2007:

    staged or not, i think it’s fabulous, the way her breast is squished withthe cane… though, i will say from experience that if your nipples have been caned, pressing on them like that will certainly be likely to elicit a response similar to the one viewed. *smiles*

    then again, some of us LIKE that. *grin*


    (and i agree with your speculation, SpankBoss… and wil ALSO say from experience that photographing such things is NOT easy, and even if you ARE beating the crap out of some poor girl(who is loving it), some of your images will just have to happen after the blow.. just cause. well… action shots are REALLY hard!)

  6. SpankBoss commented on September 13th, 2007:

    ~m, you’ve reminded me of this article by the founder of Nu-West, who was doing spanking photography in the era when this picture was taken. As you say, it’s hard even with today’s lightning-fast autofocusing digital cameras, but back in the day? Tricky. Here’s how Ed Lee worked at getting something as simple as a facial reaction shot:

    “What I would do is set the camera up for the shot, get the flash all charged and ready, get the gal across the guy’s lap with her ass bare, then I would say, “One. Two, Three, Go!” and the guy would give her two hard smacks I always tried to snap the picture when the guy had his arm raised for the second spank. This way, I would have the girl’s reaction from the previous spank.”

  7. tidalskin commented on September 27th, 2007:

    My god that pic takes me back! Me and my first g.f. and spankee, a gorgeous and generously endowed 19 year old who had a similar build and face to the lass in that mouth watering photo (smaller nipples and she’s put on about 200 pounds since then last I checked, in the interest of full disclosure…), eventually worked our way from spankings in the front seat of one or the other of our cars during high school days to considerably more intense acts of corporal punishment in our 20’s. One peak, as it were, that I’ve never scaled with anyone since was a breast whipping scenario very much like the one in the pic. If you pull the bottom of a wire coat hanger away from the hook side until it’s a long narrow loop, it becomes a lovely instrument of breast torment. I used to tie her to a chair and apply the coat hanger to her fabulous breasts in such a way that the hanger wire raised delicious welts on her boobs (and elicited wonderful sounds from her) while the gap in the hanger insured that her nipples remained untouched and available for more conventional subsequent stimulation. As long as I eased my wrist back a little during each stroke, the welts and accompanying pain remained within her limits and the damage remained lovely to behold but not permanant. The feel of her breasts when they became hot to the touch from the whipping was fantastic. We also used a belt and a wooden switch but that first time with the hanger was hard to, er, beat.

    I’ve read the various takes on how to ask to spank your partner on the blog, but I can’t for the life of me figure out a way to ask one’s lover to submit to a breast whipping. Certainly not on the first date…

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