Caned Over Blue Jeans

I’ve had a lot of fun “testing” canes on Bethie when she’s wearing tight blue jeans. You’ve got to admit there’s something special about well-filled denim, and it entirely thwarts any risk of cutting or breaking the skin with a too-vigorous stroke, so there’s no reason not to put my whole arm into it. And yet, a good strong stroke seems to get every bit as much reaction as a lesser stroke does on bare skin. Good clean fun!

Thus I enjoy (and hope you too will enjoy) this photo sequence of a bad girl being caned over her jeans, from Girls Boarding School:

girl in tight denim getting caned

Now she’s kicking up a foot:

girl in tight denim kicks up foot during caning

And now she’s kicking up both feet! I think she can feel that:

girl in tight denim kicking during spanking

Of course, the pants eventually do come off, and she’s got some very pretty welts to show you.

  1. Ian commented on July 10th, 2006:

    As you say good progressive shots make for a pretty picture. Tight Jeans are wonderful to cane over, as long as they eventually come down, for the inspection, humillation and a few on the bare.

  2. Johnny commented on July 11th, 2006:

    As ever, Ian sums it up perfectly. Excellent impact shot in that gallery too, when the jeans do come down!

  3. Benjamin commented on August 3rd, 2011:

    Fabulous shots; nothing sexier than a pretty young lady bent right over, jeans taut across her bum awaiting the first whack of the cane.

    Firm strokes can be laid on without inhibition and the loud crack across the drum tight target is fomidable

    and then the fun of peeling them off afterwards!

  4. willy commented on October 22nd, 2023:

    Where can i get the video?

  5. SpankBoss commented on October 22nd, 2023:

    Click the link!

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