Bare Bottomed Spanking In The Park

From Spanking Writers we hear of Haron’s public spanking in a busy park, while her partner in crime stood guard:

In the wooded part of the garden we wandered upon a secluded clearing a handy bench in it. The benches there are all very pretty, and are begging to be sat on. So, Abel did that. Characteristically, instead of letting me sit next to him, he pulled me over his lap and set about spanking me – quite hard, I’ll have you know. I had been careless enough to wear a skirt; Abel reached underneath it and tugged down my panties.

Our friend, a very shy girl, looked more horrified than I felt. She helpfully stood guard on the path while I got my first bare-bottom spanking in a public garden. It was short, stingy, a little scary and very tasty. A few smacks later Abel pulled my panties back up, smoothed down my skirt, and we continued our walk. (And if you’re wondering how outrageous Abel’s behaviour was, bear in mind that this garden gets over a hundred thousand visitors a year, and many of them appeared to be there on the day.)

  1. robeach commented on July 6th, 2006:

    You realize how helpless you are when Abel fiddles with your panties in such a public spot, so open but secluded. It was the public openness that gives you pause. We live in a wood.

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