The Rewards of Discipline

Women sometimes ask what guys like about spanking. And if pressed, we can come up with a pretty good list of things that are fun about spanking a woman. But you won’t always get the complete answer.

A picture’s worth a thousand words:

spanking plus blowjob

  1. Headteddy commented on April 16th, 2005:

    Eureka! I think you may be onto something here!! But what do you do when your lovable, adorable, cute, sexy brat offers a BJ instead of a spanking? I think the answer is obvious!! (VWEG)

  2. ez commented on April 17th, 2005:

    What do I get? I get to make her cum very hard, and that’s the sexiest reward ever.

  3. Philp commented on April 18th, 2005:

    Boy! Ain’t that the truth. While a BJ is always good, receiving one after making a young lady’s ass a nice shade of red is just sublime. It’s only ever happened to me once truth be told – the first BJ I had gotten from this woman was erm, functional but after we played around with discipline the second was awesome. Pity there wasn’t a third but oh, the memories! Thanks again for the artwork…

  4. Pegasus commented on April 19th, 2005:

    oh to be sucked off after giving my sweet young thing her weekly bare-ass loving with my hand. Right on, baby!

  5. babydoll commented on April 20th, 2005:

    Great picture! My Husband becomes very aroused when He spanks me and usually wants me to suck Him afterwards. There is nothing better than kneeling on the floor with a sore, red bottom sucking my Man until He explodes in my mouth! Makes me feel very submissive and He loves it. Sometimes I think I get spanked just because it turns Him on so much, even though I do need the discipline!

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