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Fans of the venerable spanking/punishment blog The Punishment Book will want to change any links you’ve ever established to it. Mija made a booboo with the domain registration and the .org domain where it used to live is now in the hands of an extortionate domain squatter. The blog is back up at, so if you’ve ever linked to anything there, now’s the time to go back and change those links. I just looked and I’ve got 14 posts — dating back to 2005 — that need editing…

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  1. Sara commented on March 19th, 2013:

    Thank you! I was so hoping they had not gone away!


  2. Mija commented on March 19th, 2013:

    Thank you so much for putting this up and getting the news out before I even asked. I so want to not have any extra traffic to these parasites. :) You’ve always been such a good friend to the site.

  3. Peter commented on March 19th, 2013:

    I trust that Mija has been properly disciplined for letting this slide?

  4. SpankBoss commented on March 19th, 2013:

    Peter, (a) I wouldn’t know because that’s not any of my business. But (b) if you’ve ever lost a domain and had to scramble to restore a site from backups while begging to get some small fraction of your inbound links back, you’ll know that it’s a very painful task.

  5. Eric Carwardine commented on March 19th, 2013:

    Any chance of getting details of just how the domain squatters got control? Were the squatters the beneficiaries of an unfortunate but fortuitous (for the squatters) ‘booboo’ by Mija – such as a typing error? Or was Mija the victim of a carefully designed and executed scam? I think the difference in the two explanations is crucial, as more and more people seem to be succumbing to scams.

  6. Eric Carwardine commented on March 19th, 2013:

    Sorry, should have first studied the link ‘made a booboo’. Interestingly, the study revealed a combination of reasons: Mija made an oversight and there was somebody lurking ready to take advantage of the oversight.

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