Spanked In Front Of Others

Although the spankings at The Punishment Book tend to have a disciplinary character, that doesn’t mean they aren’t sometimes just as charged with the sort of fantasy trigger points that tickle many spankos’ erotic buttons. Take this one:

Whatever the reason, I got a bit rambunctious and stuck out my tongue at M and Chris several times. Apparently more than five times.

So M decreed that I was to be hairbrushed. No surprise. But this spanking had a twist: it had to be in front of Chris and sparkle, because they had witnessed my misbehavior. Eep.

All joking aside, I’ve never been punished in front of anyone else before, so this pushed my comfort zone a bit. But as I said, both of them have spanked me and seen me spanked, which made it ok. Standing in front of M while he pulled down my pajama pants and panties was hard, but thankfully I was soon over his lap on the couch and could hide my face. A short warm-up by hand, followed by a sharp, stingy hairbrush, and ending with the dreaded ebony hairbrush. Scolding throughout, of course. About how tongue-sticking-out is not allowed, and even if punishments get postponed, they still happen, and how sorry I was going to be, etc.

I was finally allowed up and permitted to cuddle with M. But not before I repeated (verbatim) the following phrase: “I’m sorry I was such a naughty girl today.” To the audience.

Speaking of said audience, neither of them helped get me out of the spanking at all. I think their sympathy extended to Chris saying, “Well, what did you expect? You’re lucky you didn’t get more,” and sparkle giving me a wan smile and saying she was sorry but she was pretty sure I deserved it.

Of course, that outcome was so likely, you would almost think Iris was asking for it…

  1. Arthur commented on November 10th, 2008:

    A very appropriate response… we as a society need to be more comfortable with spanking, and occasional spankings in front of consenting adults are an excellent idea. My girlfriend and I have a small number of friends who know and share the spanking passion and spankings have been meted out while otehrs of this group watched. The most spectacular was probably when the 4 males at a pool party committed some indiscretion and were sentenced to being paddled. We gave in since we had done this to our female partners many times… it just is not that embarassing for normal healthy people who don’t get carried away with puerile inhibitions.

  2. becky commented on November 12th, 2008:

    Once I got to sassy with my b/f in front ot 3 guys 2 girls (all friends of ours) at b/f’s house so he said that’s it otk i went for a hard paddle spanking over my jeans (maybe 25) Then he pulled them down and gave me about 25 with his hand as he and a few others lectured me about my smart mouth and attuide, I was crying some at the end then he made me say I was sorry for my langue before being put inthe corner so all could see my red cheeks and thighs. I was so embarrssed but know I try to recall it all.

  3. meimei has commented on January 5th, 2018:

    “You tell him whatever, bitch.”
    What about a spanking?? >w<

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