Two Girls Paddled On The Upper Floor

This ceremonial wooden paddle made for The Upper Floor is almost too large for practical use. But they make it work, and these two ladies suffer very prettily:

big wooden paddle spanking for two women

pain faces of two paddled women on the Upper Floor

The Upper Floor is a Kink Unlimited channel. These paddling screen captures are from their recent Sadists & Swingers Halloween Ball event.

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The Upper Floor: A Spanking Moment

On this particular evening, the party seems to be going well at The Upper Floor:

bent over and spanked during a BDSM orgy at The Upper Floor

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Punishment Night On The Upper Floor

It looks like it was punishment night in The Upper Floor “staff” dormitories the other evening:

caned on The Upper Floor

punished on the upper floor

Source: Service Day: Slave Consort.

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A Spanking BJ On The Upper Floor

I’ve never been completely convinced of the wisdom of spanking a girl while she has the family jewels between her teeth:

a spanking and a blowjob on the upper floor

However, I guess it demonstrates that they train to a high standard on The Upper Floor.

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Spanked On The Upper Floor

The suite of BDSM fantasies embodied in the new “lifestyle BDSM fancy household” site The Upper Floor are not particularly my thing, but I am pleased to know that the girls in service there are not exempt from a good spanking:

slave girl gets a bondage spanking at The Upper Floor

Moreover, it would appear that returning to bed is not an option for a spanked girl who lives on The Upper Floor:

upper floor bondage slavegirl left after her punishment

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Two Flogged Pussies

Tied with their legs open and inviting like this, I’m sure the whipping temptation was completely irresistible:

a blonde and a brunette tied with their legs wide open for pussy whipping and fucking

From The Upper Floor at

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Holding Position For A Tough Thigh Caning

This photo is from a BDSM swinger soiree at The Upper Floor. The caned blonde in the photo is identified only as “a petite little masochistic woman” but I think we all have to grant this obedient woman some props for her willingness to hold position while her thighs are caned like this:

thigh caning for an obedient blonde

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