A Spanking BJ On The Upper Floor

I’ve never been completely convinced of the wisdom of spanking a girl while she has the family jewels between her teeth:

a spanking and a blowjob on the upper floor

However, I guess it demonstrates that they train to a high standard on The Upper Floor.

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  1. Bodack commented on October 12th, 2010:

    That’s always made me nervous. People tend to clinch their teeth when in pain. Things nightmares are made of.

  2. Friday Bondage Links Cornucopia #4 – Bondage Blog commented on October 15th, 2010:

    […] Bondage blowjobs used to be rare on the internets, now they are not. But bondage blowjobs while the girls is getting spanked at the same time? These are still rare. […]

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