He’s Holding That Hairbrush Wrong

It’s amazing how many artists and cartoonists back in the day didn’t seem to understand that you spank a woman’s bottom with the hard flat back of the hairbrush, not the bristle side:

artwork of an otk hairbrush spanking with the bristle side of the brush

Artist signature is “LRS” which doesn’t mean anything to me. We have some readers who can probably supply the artist’s name for us in the comments.

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  1. Ayzad commented on June 18th, 2024:

    Uh… That’s debatable.

    In this specific instance: yes, definitely – but just because there is a layer of fabric between the bristles and the target. Yet, in such conditions you’d clearly be better off with any other spanking implement, bare hand included.

    However, on unprotected skin, hitting bristles-side offers distinct advantages: chiefly, the opportunity of providing a unique sensation that no other spanking tool can provide.

    Now we could start discussing the various types of bristles and their different effects, but I trust you see my point.

  2. SpankBoss commented on June 18th, 2024:

    If we were scratching or rubbing with the bristles, I’d agree with you; but they don’t provide a stable smacking surface. The brush inevitably wants to wobble or tilt on impact, and you wind up, some of the time, striking a glancing blow with the edge of the brush. I don’t know many people in the spanking scene who like (giving or receiving) random, unpredictable blows. Because kink is infinite, I’m sure there are a few out there; but I’d put it somewhere in the realm of sensation play or mindfuckery, more than spanking per se.

  3. Norse Cavalier commented on June 19th, 2024:

    There are other versions of this pic where the artist’s full name is used: Leo Ramon Summers. A comic book artist who died in 1985. Sadly, I can’t find other spanking art by him.

  4. fatherjim1 commented on June 19th, 2024:

    Not necessarily, you haven’t seen the hair on her ass and between! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. SpankBoss commented on June 19th, 2024:

    Bad Jim, no donut for you! :-) Why would you say something that reinforces the insecurities that so many of the women we love have?

  6. SpankBoss commented on June 19th, 2024:

    Thanks, NC! I knew you guys would come through with an ID. There’s a nice capsule bio of him at Pulp Artists.

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